ILA Business Days 2016


1 - 2 June 2016: 10.30 - 12.30


As part of a two-hour information event participants will learn more about new technological developments in the aerospace industry and funding and financing opportunities for projects. In that context, special attention will be given to the EU framework programme on research and innovation „Horizon 2020“. The programme also includes presentations from international clusters and companies.

The ILA Business Sessions are taking place on the Enterprise Europe Network business area in hall 3 booth 414. They are open to all exhibitors and trade visitors of the ILA Berlin Air Show 2016.

Company Presentations


Good to know: SMEs, research organisations and clusters from the aerospace sector will have the possibility to present themselves and their newest innovations during the sessions in front of an international audience. Interested participants can apply for a 5 minute presentation via this application form. For further information and a digital version of this application form, please e-mail us.


Wednesday 1 June


10:30-10:45       Welcome and Introduction to the Enterprise Europe Network Berlin-Brandenburg (EEN): 
                           Opportunities for SMEs in international co-operation

                           Wolfgang TREINEN, Berlin Partner for Business and Technology GmbH

10:45-11:00       New developments in the aerospace industry – opportunities for SMEs
                           Prof. Dr. Andreas TIMMERMANN, Berlin-Brandenburg Aerospace Allianz (BBAA e.V.)

11:00-11:15       Security solutions in and for aircrafts: new research findings
                           Prof. Dr. Wolfgang REHAK, European Aviation Security Center e.V.

11:15-11:30       Regional economic and industrial policies in Berlin-Brandenburg
                           Dr. Lutz KADEN, Industrie- und Handelskammer Berlin 

11:30-12:30       Pitches from international aerospace clusters and companies on new developments and technologies 
                           * Philippe CYR, Space Products and Innovation, Germany
                           * Francisco Josué ARTAZA, Projektron GmbH, Germany
                           * Ute FRANKE, Dr. Jean BLONDEAU, 5micron GmbH, Germany
                           * Joerg Enge, TerraScan UG , Germany
                           * Berkant Göksel, Electrofluidsystems Ingenieurbüro Göksel, Germany
                           * Dr. Anke SCHWAN, Umwelt- und Unternehmensbaratung Dr. A. Schwan, Germany                   


Thursday 2 June


10:30-10:40       Welcome and Introduction to the Enterprise Europe Network Berlin-Brandenburg (EEN)
                           Dajana PEFESTORFF, ZAB Brandenburg Economic Development Board GmbH

10:40-10:50       ETNA2020 project: NCPs activities and services for stakeholders
                           Gabriella QUARANTA, APRE- ETNA2020 

10:50-11:00       Opportunities for SME´s in the national aeronautics research programme LuFo in Germany   
                          Peter BENTZINGER, Program Management Agency / Aeronautics Research for the Federal Ministry
                          of Economics and Energy

11:00-11:30       Practical aspects for [SME] participation in CLEAN SKY 2
                           Paolo TRINCHIERI, Clean Sky Joint Undertaking

11:30-11:45       Experiences from a European SME participating in Clean Sky Projects
Dr. Leonid LICHTENSTEIN, TWT GmbH, Germany 

11:45-12:30       Pitches from international aerospace clusters and companies on new developments and technologies
                          * Carsten DÖRGELOH, esploro projects GmbH & Co. KG , Germany
                          * Aleksandar BALABAN, GmbH, Germany
                          * Dr. Benjamin BRAUN, Florian RUESS, Space Structures GmbH, Germany
                          * Franz Kamhuber, ViscoTec Pumpen- u. Dosiertechnik GmbH, Germany
                          * Dr. Leonid Lichtenstein, TWT GmbH, Germany
                          * Harry TSAHALIS, Paragon S.A., Greece
                          * Marek SITEK, Dreamline, Poland

Friday 3 June


14:00-15:30      Pitches from international aerospace clusters and companies on new developments and technologies
* Pierre BRANDT, Sonovision Deutschland, Germany
                          * Jose MARIANO, Zero 2 Infinity S.L., Spain
                          * Tom Plümmer, Wingcopter Hybrid Drone, Germany
                          * Tomasz Zygiel, Ritex Logistics Operator, Poland
                          * Riccardo Fiorista & Raphael Hecher, Smarter Internships, Austria
                          * P.VISHWANATH, Micron Engineers, India



closed since 29 May 2016
Registration 11 Jan – 29 May
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Language English
Costs Free of charge (admission ticket or exhibitor pass to ILA Berlin Air Show required)
Venue ExpoCenter Airport
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