ILA Business Days

ILA Business Workshops

20 to 22 May 2014

Discuss with experts the future developments and trends in aerospace!

Workshop Agenda

The ILA Business Workshops 2014 will give an opportunity to get in touch with international experts from industry, research and public administration. Each of the three workshop days is divided into three parts:

  1. Aviation and Space in HORIZON 2020
    Learn more about participation opportunities in the EU Research and Innovation programme “Horizon 2020”.
  2. Cooperation Opportunities with International Aviation and Space Regions
    Representatives from international aerospace regions will present cooperation opportunities to workshop participants.
  3. Company Presentations
    Previously selected companies will get the chance to present themselves in elevator pitches to the audience. Elevator pitch refers to your answer to the following question:“If you found yourself in an elevator with a wealthy investor who might have an interest in your company, what would you say about your company in the time it takes the elevator to go from the top floor to the lobby?” Thus, participating companies will get 5 minutes and 3 slides maximum to present what their business is all about.

The ILA Business Workshops are taking place on the Enterprise Europe Network business area in hall 3.

They are open to all exhibitors and trade visitors of the ILA Berlin Airshow 2014. Please click HERE for downloading the workshop agenda. 


Daniel Rettich

Dajana Pefestorff

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