IFIB 2017 Italian Forum on Industrial Biotechnology & Bioeconomy

Meet BIOTECSUR - the biotechnology platform in MERCOSUR

A delegation of 20 companies from Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay will participate in IFIB 2017 Parterning Event.

Don't miss the chance to get in contact and explore cooperation possibilities with such a promising market.


BIOTECSUR is the first platform in biotechnology in MERCOSUR, created to establish a common long-term vision for the development and application of new technologies in the MERCOSUR.

BIOTECSUR is the platform in biotechnology in MERCOSUR that brings together the private, academic and public sectors of the four countries, working with the whole set of scientific and technological skills available in the region in order to provide sustainable solutions for problems in a regional and global scope. It is internationally recognized for its efficiency and effectiveness in producing highly competitive goods, services and processes of biotechnological origin.

closed since 29 Sep 2017
Registration 15 Feb – 29 Sep
Meeting Selection 22 Sep – 1 Oct
Event 5 Oct – 6 Oct
Language English
Costs Free of Charge
Venue Palazzo Rospigliosi
Bilateral Meetings
Participants 105
Meetings 206
Argentina 13
Belarus 1
Belgium 6
Brazil 10
Canada 2
Czech Republic 1
Ecuador 1
Finland 3
France 3
Germany 4
Greece 2
Israel 1
Italy 178
Jordan 1
Latvia 1
Luxembourg 1
Malaysia 1
Nepal 1
Netherlands 1
Paraguay 4
Poland 2
Portugal 1
Slovak Republic 1
Spain 11
Switzerland 1
Ukraine 2
United Kingdom 5
Uruguay 6
Total 266
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Before Event7437
After Event 2753