Industrial Cooperation & Supply Chain Conference 2018

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An Opportunity for Global Aviation, Space & Defence OEM’s to Meet UAE Manufacturers and Explore Supply Chain Opportunities

UAE and overseas Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are seeking to expand business with products offered by UAE manufacturers, while UAE manufacturers are looking to become part of local and global OEMs’ supply chain to enhance their capabilities and increase sales.


What to expect?

  • Meet global OEMs looking to source local manufacturing capabilities in the UAE
  • Meet with UAE local manufacturers
  • Meet with government departments active in industrial cooperation and FDI initiatives

  • Meet with the Sharjah Export Development Center and O2K to discuss more about the services available to OEMS and UAE manufacturers





 Areas of Supply Chain Requirements?

  • Metals / Plastics / Rubber: Fabrication, extrusion and die casting
  • Coatings: Paints and finishings

  • Electric / Electronic: Cables, wires  and circuit boards

  • Glass:/ Mirrors / Lenses: Annealed, toughened, laminated, coated, mirrored

  • Ceramics: Body armour, vehicle armour tiles, building armour tiles, electronic equipment, electrical components, resistors and capacitors
  • Other, including textiles, glass, specialist manufacturing etc.


 We look forward to seeing you...

closed since 1 Oct 2018
Registration 10 Feb – 1 Oct
Meeting Selection 15 Sep – 2 Oct
Event 5 Oct
Language English
Costs Free for Delegates registered for the Conference
Venue New Sharjah Chamber of Commerce