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The European Union – Mexico Bilateral Innovation Initiative (EU-MEX-INNOVA) seeks to develop and strengthen collaborations between the two sides to cope societal challenges and industrial technologies through international cooperation, for instance in the areas of climate change, food security, sustainable development, clean energy, health and transport; by making science, research and innovation proceed more rapidly and more cost effectively.

EU-MEX-INNOVA sets up a sustainable, knowledge-based, bilateral dialogue between the ST&I key players and stakeholders to do more in a more coordinated and unified way to achieve greater scale and impact. The BILAT has a duration of 36 months.

The objectives in the short term:

  • Working together in H2020.
  • Position Mexico for participation in H2020.
  • Strengthening EU-Mexico ST&I policy dialogue.
  • Establishing joint ST&I strategic agenda.
  • Promoting innovation in common industrial areas.
  • Establish R&D partnerships.
  • Increase visibility of Mexican science capability globally.


In the long term:

  • Sustainable economic and social growth.
  • Adoption of the highest standards of scientific excellence.
  • Diversification of sources of R&D funding.


More Info HERE  and EU- Mexico Joint Committee meeting

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Registration 4 Jul – 22 Sep
Meeting Selection 5 Sep – 22 Sep
Event 26 Sep – 30 Sep
Language English
Costs Free of charge - open to IAC attendees only
Venue Expo Guadalajara - Room Jalisco
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