Matchmaking at IAC 2016

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Matchmaking at IAC 2016!


For IAC 2016, Enterprise Europe Network Partners and NCP Network Space COSMOS have teamed up to organise this years' edition of IAC Matchmaking. Partners from Mexico, APRE Italy and Bremeninvest are happy to offer you the additional service of a free B2B meeting service during the congress. 

Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • meet providers of innovative technologies
  • get in touch with potential partners for future collaborations
  • find new partners for research and development projects

The IAC Matchmaking will take place at Expo Guadalajara, Jalisco Room.


M2M + SymposiumHear top level debate


M2M + SymposiumGenerate qualified leads

B2B Matchmaking

M2M + SymposiumFind new business and research partners

How it works?

The activity will focus on 20-minute pre-scheduled one-to-one meetings during IAC 2016. For participating in the matchmaking event, please register for the IAC first.
For more information on the matchmaking, please click here.

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Why participate?

  • Guarantee pre-qualified 20-minute meetings with potential customers and/or suppliers
  • Get to know key R&D players offering valuable services
  • Find new commercial and/or technological partners
  • Initiate cross-border contacts and co-operations
  • Facilitate the setup of Horizon 2020 projects consortia

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closed since 22 Sep 2016
Registration 4 Jul – 22 Sep
Meeting Selection 5 Sep – 22 Sep
Event 26 Sep – 30 Sep
Language English
Costs Free of charge - open to IAC attendees only
Venue Expo Guadalajara - Room Jalisco
Bilateral Meetings
Participants 80
Meetings 257
Argentina 1
Australia 1
Austria 1
Bahrain 1
Belgium 5
Canada 4
Costa Rica 1
Czech Republic 1
France 2
Germany 11
Ireland 1
Israel 4
Italy 4
Kazakstan 1
Mexico 19
Netherlands 2
New Zealand 1
Philippines 1
Poland 1
Portugal 1
Romania 1
Russia 3
Serbia 1
South Africa 1
Spain 4
Taiwan 1
United Kingdom 3
United States 11
Total 88
Profile Views
Before Event3013
After Event 2726