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HERA Matchmaking Event "Uses of the Past"


Meanwhile 250 participants have been validated and we are ready to start the Matchmaking.
Please take care on the below listed actions. Further details are given by mails.

For all the actions described below you have to login on this event website via email/password or autologin link (see registration mail)




13 Jan.

Insert a R&D profile

Publish your R&D focus and type of partnerships you are looking for. The better your R&D profile the more meeting requests you will receive and the higher the outcome. (to add a profile please select the Tab: Cooperation Profile)

15 Jan. Potential coordinator, interested to present a poster? 

Select the tab "Registration" and activate the checkbox "Poster Presentation"
please also upload your Poster as PDF file (limited to 90 posters)

13-25 Jan.  Booking phase

You will receive an email asking to book bilateral meetings

26 Jan.  Personal meeting schedule

You will receive your meeting schedule by email

29 Jan.

 face-2-face meetings 

You manage your meetings (if any) between 10:00 - 16:00
detailed times are listed on your schedule


5 November 2014

Please note that the call for participating in the matchmaking event is now closed.

The aim of the Matchmaking Event is to present the Call for transnational humanities-led research proposals under the theme “Uses of the Past” to be formally announced in January 2015 and to facilitate the building of international research partnerships. With up to €23 million available, the research programme will fund new and exciting Humanities-centred projects on Uses of the Past involving researchers from four* or more countries.

Eligible scholars are senior and early career researchers based in the following participating countries: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and United Kingdom.

To attend the Matchmaking event, scholars had to submit a project idea fitting with the Uses of the Past theme via the application form. The project idea is now being evaluated by the HERA JRP UP Board. The travel costs of the selected applicants will be covered up to a set maximum. Further information on both this and the application process can be found here.

In case of questions concerning the call and the Matchmaking event please contact your National Contact Point for HERA JRP "Uses of the Past".

Please note that even if you are not selected, you can still submit an application to the HERA JRP call. Attendance at the matchmaking event is not a prerequisite to applying to the HERA Joint Research Programme Uses of the Past.

Researchers who have not submitted an Expression of Interest to participate in the MME can of course also submit an application in the call for transnational research proposals that will be opened in January.

In addition, HERA has opened up a separate online partner search facility accessible via the HERA website (for more information see http://heranet.info/online-partner-search-tool).


* Note that a final decision about the required consortium size has not yet been made by the HERA JRP UP Board.



closed since 5 Nov 2014
Registration 15 Oct – 5 Nov
Meeting Selection 13 Jan – 25 Jan
Event 28 Jan – 29 Jan
Language English
Venue Tallinn
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Participants 245
Meetings 663
Austria 7
Belgium 8
Croatia 6
Czech Republic 8
Denmark 7
Estonia 6
Finland 6
Germany 28
Iceland 6
Ireland 8
Italy 32
Latvia 8
Lithuania 6
Luxembourg 4
Netherlands 16
Norway 10
Poland 9
Portugal 5
Slovenia 6
Spain 11
Sweden 10
Switzerland 11
United Kingdom 29
Total 247
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