Health & Bio Team Dating 2017

Success Stories from Health & Bio Team Dating 2015

In the first editions, Health &Bio Team Datings has brought more than 120 projects and CEO's together and almost 400 meetings. The 90% of the participants have founded strategic contacts and 15 teams have succeed on reaching some kind of agreement


Success Story 1: Leukos Biotech

Ruth M. Risueño: "We have found the CEO of our company at Health & Bio Team Dating"

Leukos Biotech, wich has recently captured 3.5 million from Inveready in its first round of funding, is one of the success stories. Ruth M. Risueño, founder of Leukos Biotech, and Enrique Llaudet, partner and current CEO, had meet at Health & Bio Team Dating 2015.

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Success Story 2: DNANutricoach

Valentini Konstantinidou: "Health & Bio Team Dating is a great incubator for contacts, that has yielded unexpected results"

Valentini Konstantinidou and Chenghan Yang, as a result of their meeting at Health & Bio Team Dating, have signed an agreement through which IESE MBA students can collaborate with Konstantinidou’s start-up DNANutricoach

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Video of the last edition:

Health & Bio Team Dating 2017 from Biocat on Vimeo.

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