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Provisional Location: Valkiria Hub Space



 C/ Pujades, num. 126, 08005, Barcelona


How to arrive:

  • BUS: 36, 92, 192, 6, 40, 42, B20, B25
  • Metro: L4 Llacuna
  • Bicing: 428 (c/Pujades, 103); 152 (c/Pujades, 121); 151 (c/Pallars, 182)
  • By car: green zone and white zone. Nearest public parking space: Párking Miete (c/Llull corner c/Ávila)
  • By motorbike: You can park in front of the Valkiria entrance




Valkiria Hub Space is a business platform focused on providing holistic business advising, which combines corporate event organizing with added value. Within the platformit also provides training and mentoring programs for entrepreneurs and start-ups.
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At Valkiria Hub Space we are “change activists”. Our purpose is to build a business community of knowledge that inspires and motivates, that gives a place for synergy and the exchange of talent. Valkiria Hub is a promoter of exchanging knowledge in multiple formats. This vision helps us see life and work differently. We believe in an evolutionary business concept, where ideas with value can originate from anyone, at any time and from anywhere within the organization. We help organizations complete their goals with a more sustainable and humanistic vision, in accordance with the environment and current social demands. We believe in…

  • Entrepreneurs, because they are the true protagonists for change
  • Organizations, because they are alive and constantly changing
  • Community, because it generates synergies that provide value


That’s what defines Valkiria

  • Dream: if we improve, the world will improve with us.
  • Coworking: if we work together, we will be mutually enriched.
  • Diversity: we are experts from a multitude of areas.
  • Strength: we can improve and develop the most important abilities.
  • Responsibility: we generate economic activity that represents sustainable social impact.
  • Femininity: we bet on business initiatives and feminine undertakings.

The heart of the Valkiria Hub Community is located in an astonishing space situated in the heart of the 22@, the nerve center of business and technological development in Barcelona. We provide 1,500 mwith areas for coworking to work independently or in a group, meeting rooms, a wide variety of infrastructure for event organization, a restaurant… We like to apply creativity and design to the enveloping and multidisciplinary environment of our Hub transmits the concept of Future of Work, making the meeting of entrepreneurs, professionals and corporate events possible.

closed since 7 Nov 2017
Registration 7 Sep – 7 Nov
Meeting Selection 6 Nov – 16 Nov
Event 21 Nov
Language English
Costs 30 euros per participant
Venue Barcelona, Spain
Bilateral Meetings
Participants 54
Meetings 127
France 2
India 1
Spain 50
Switzerland 1
Total 54
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