Flash Presentations


Researchers, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders are also invited to present their project ideas for the “Health, Demographic Change & Wellbeing” Theme in Horizon 2020, in particular for the upcoming 2017 Horizon 2020 Health Call, in the form of "Flash Presentations".

SME representatives and organisations from EU-13 countries looking to participate in the upcoming calls are especially encouraged to present their expertise and project idea.

These flash presentations will be selected in advance of the event following submission of a presentation proposal. Selection will be based on their fit in the sessions domains (Better health and care, Health-related topics:ICT, Social Sciences and Humanities - SSH, Food Security, Climate, Cybersecurity) and on their degree of general interest. The presentations will last no more than 5 minutes and should ideally be held by prospective coordinators. Please note that the number of slots available for flash presentations is limited and that not all entries can be selected. 

 If you wish to hold a flash presentation during the brokerage event, please download the template here and submit your presentation to before 20th November 2017. Presentations failing to follow the template and the instructions therein, especially presentations exceeding the allowable number of slides, may be rejected without further consideration of their content or quality.

The list of selected speakers will be published here on November 27th.

All submitted flash presentations will be published here after the event.


SESSION 1: Better Health and care

1. Ivo Provazník, Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic, “Human microbiome analysis tools for personalised prediction of diseases”

2. Julia Palma, Eurecat, Spain, “TASK4HUMANS: Mental health by adapting work to the workers (Eurecat)”

3. Tunc Lacin, Marmara University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Thoracic Surgery, Turkey, “miRNA profiling of Lung cancer – Oncogenes and toxic precursors”

4. Massimo Papale, Fluidia, Italy, “ModiQuant technology: Quantitative assessment of modified proteins“

5. Jonathan Gomez-Raja, FundeSalud, Government of Extremadura, Spain, “New rapid and simple method for detection of Tuberculosis in vulnerable population (RAS-TB)”

6. Zeynep Sofuoglu, Acil Ambulans Hekimleri Dernegi, Turkey, “Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases (GACD) - Scaling-up of evidence-based health interventions at population level for the prevention and management of hypertension and/or diabetes”

7. Monika Kavaliauske, CasZyme, Lithuania, “CRISPR Cas gene editing technology”

8. Alexander Berler, Gnomon Informatics SA, Greece, “Seemless interoperability for better healthcare”

9. IGNAZIO R. MARINO, Thomas Jefferson University, USA, “Thomas Jefferson University. What we are, What we do”

10. Andras Dinnyes, BioTalentum Ltd., Hungary, "Topic 1: Advanced therapy of type 1 diabetes; Topic 2: New testing and screening methods to identify endocrine disrupting chemicals"

11. Stefano Buttò, National Center for HIV/AIDS Research - Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Italy, “Proposal for a European-Russian Platform for HIV and HCV Research in vulnerable populations (ERP-HIV/HCV)”


SESSION 2: Health-related topics (ICT, SSH, Food Security, Climate, Cybersecurity)

1. Iulian Anghelache, COMPEXIN S.A., Romania, "AI-MED: Blockchain e-Health Collaborative Systems"

2. Ilias LAMPRINOS, Intracom Telecom, Greece, "Smart and healthy living at home (and beyond)"

3. Hugo Ferreira, NeuroPsyAI – Servicos e Investigacao em Neurociencias, Lda, Portugal, "NeuroPsyCAD: clinical decision support system for Mental Health"

4. Walter Koch, AIT Angewandte Informationstechnik Forschungs GmbH, Austria, "VESS – A Platform for Virtual Endoscopic Sinus Surgery"

5. Ali Atalay, BitNet, Turkey, "Reputation based blockchain enabled information sharing and collaboration cross border platform between healthcare organisations and IoMT devices"

6. Carmen-Veronica Bobeanu, BEIA CONSULT INTERNATIONAL, Romania, "Cloud computing, IoT telemetry, big data and blockchain for smart working and living"


8. Jingquan XIE, Fraunhofer IAIS, Germany, "Cyber risk reduction toolkit for critical healthcare ICT infrastructures"

9. Oscar Martinez Mozos, Technical University of Cartagena, Spain, "Smart environments for Mental Health"

10. Dermot Cox, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Ireland, "Cloud-based HeAlth Record Trial (CHART)"

11. Margarita Gonzales, Social Services Management Authority of Castilla y León, Spain, "Social Care linked to innovation in Health"



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