H2020 Transport Call 2017

Oral Presentations

The brokerage event will provide a unique opportunity for building quality consortia for participating in the Work Programme 2017 Horizon2020 calls of the Smart, Green and Integrated Transport challenge.

Within the framework of the brokerage event, participants looking for partners will have the opportunity to present their organizations and ideas for project proposals in front of the audience in the form of a brief oral presentation (3 minutes max. and only one presentation per entity or proposal idea). You will find in the “Files section below a template specially designed for this purpose.

Please note that:

  • Due to time constraints, project ideas will have a priority over profile presentations
  • Presentation order during the event will be in accordance to the date of reception of the final version of PowerPoint presentation and not the date of registration


Keep in mind the following deadlines




4th July

Registration opens

25th August

Registration closes

26th August – 11th Sept

Submit your presentation for the oral sessions

28th September

Oral sessions (14:30 - 16:30)


NOTE: Please send your oral presentation (in PDF format) by 11th September, specifying the area/areas covered (Aviation, Waterborne, Safety, Urban Mobility, Logistics, Infrastructure, Socio-economic and Behavioural Research, Automated Road transport, Green Vehicles) to:


Only ONE presentation per entity will be accepted.



Files section

For the presentation of Project Ideas and Organization Profiles during the oral session please use recommendations included in this TEMPLATE.


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