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We are pleased to inform you that during Brokerage Event took place over 200 bilateral meetings and the oral session included almost 50 presentations. Oral presentations and B2B participants catalogue are now available for downaload on ETNA2020 website.


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Within the framework of the TRA conference (Transport Research Arena) organized in Warsaw, Poland April 18th-21st 2016, the project ETNA 2020 supported by Enterprise Europe Network is organizing a networking and brokerage event focusing on topic areas for 2017 calls covered by the Transport Work Programme WP 2016-2017 of H2020.


The networking and brokerage event will last from 09.00-15.00 hours, April 21st, 2016

Within the framework of the brokerage event, participants looking for partners for the 2017 calls published in the Transport Work Programme WP 2016-2017 will have the opportunity to present their organizations

  1. In the form of a brief oral presentation (3 minutes max.),
    using templates specially designed for this purpose and ideas for project proposals
  2. By participating in bilateral meetings (max. 20 minutes)




Registration to the TRA for at least April 21st 2016 is a pre-requisite for participation in the networking and brokerage event.

  • Information about this event – including an on-line registration form – can be found at the following address http://www.traconference.eu/: TRA Registration 
  • Participants of the networking and brokerage event will not be given access to the venue without confirmed registration for participation in the TRA valid for April 21st
  • Confirmed registration to the TRA for April 21st 2016 as an exhibition vistor does not give access to the brokerage and networking.
  • Once you register to the TRA conference, you can proceed with registering for the brokerage event at the top right corner of this page




The event will focus on the topics open for 2017 calls included in the Transport Work Programme WP 2016-2017 and will foster the creation of consortia for the following calls :

  • Call - MOBILITY FOR GROWTH: Aviation, Waterborne, Safety, Urban Mobility, Logistics, Infrastructures,, Socio-economic and Behavioural Research


All companies, universities and researchers interested in the Transport domain from Europe and beyond are invited to attend.


Why to participate

  • Present your project proposal or company profile to all attendees
  • Identify the best partners for your proposal
  • Discover proposals from other participants where your organization could fit in
  • Meet and share views with transport researchers and experts from all over Europe and beyond
  • Initiate contacts and cooperation towards successful H2020 funded projects!

ETNA 2020 requests all applicants to register for the event online, using the registration system at the top right corner of the page. The registration deadline for the networking and brokerage event is the 27th of March 2016.



closed since 27 Mar 2016
Registration 8 Feb – 27 Mar
Meeting Selection 23 Mar – 12 Apr
Event 21 Apr
Language English
Costs Free of charge
Venue al. Księcia J. Poniatowskiego 1
Warszawa, Poland
Bilateral Meetings
Participants 165
Meetings 214
Austria 6
Belgium 15
Bulgaria 2
Czech Republic 2
Denmark 2
Finland 3
France 5
Germany 15
Greece 10
Hungary 1
Ireland 1
Italy 18
Latvia 2
Lithuania 2
Luxembourg 1
Netherlands 2
Others 10
Poland 43
Portugal 4
Romania 3
Russia 3
Serbia 1
Slovak Republic 4
Spain 30
Sweden 1
Switzerland 1
Turkey 15
Ukraine 3
United Kingdom 10
Total 215
Profile Views
Before Event7223
After Event 9768