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Database to search for cooperation partners

tour_map_sm.gifThe Countdown on Horizon 2020 Space Tour which started in September 2013 in Vilnius, Lithuania and continued until January 2014 created a huge database of organisations interested in Horizon 2020 Space and possible cooperations. Therefore we decided to maintain this database and keep it online for you to use it as a search engine for project partners.

In case you want to registe for the partner search database please visit


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Locations & Dates of past events

Vilnius, *20 Sep '13 

Bremen *9-10 Oct '13

Sofia *16 Oct '13

Warsaw *29-30 Oct '13

Toulouse *12-13 Nov '13

London *20 Nov '13

Rome *27-28 Nov '13

Brussels *11-12 Dec '13

Athens *23 Jan '14



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