GREEN DAYS @ Pollutec 2016

CityTechs Tour in Lyon:


- Maison de la Confluence Info Centre

maison de la confluence

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Lyon Confluence, 150 hectares in the heart of Lyon, between the Rhône and Saone rivers.

Ambition: Double the city-centre in accordance with climate plans.

Maison de La Confluence is THE place to learn about and discuss the Lyon Confluence urban project. Here you can find regularly updated presentations, models and documentaries on the project. It is also a place for discussion, workshops and conferences.

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- Lyon Port Edouard Herriot

 port de lyon

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Ambition: A balance between port development, urban development and environmental stakes.

Located in the heart of Lyon, at the confluence of the Rhône and the Saone rivers, Port Edouard Herriot offers a multimodal infrastructure which combines five different modes of transport. Strategically placed at the crossroads of international trade, the port is in direct line with river, railway and road links.

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