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Pollutec Fair

Organised by Reed Expositions from 29 November to 2 December at Eurexpo Lyon, Pollutec 2016 brings together all industry sectors linked to the environment: waste / recycling of raw materials, water and waste water, energy, instrumentation / metrology / automation, air, sites and soils, risks, responsible purchasing/CSR in an area of 100,000 m2. It proposes in parallel five focuses to examine a number of major global themes: the sustainable city, sustainable industry in the future, the aquatic and coastal environment, agriculture, hospitals and sustainable development. The flagship event for environmental innovation, Pollutec exhibits some 200 innovative solutions every year on its stands and during its lectures and prize-giving ceremonies.  It will go even further this year, introducing innovation spots, specific exhibition areas co-hosted by professional, institutional and academic partners, together with eco-innovative start-up clusters. For its part, the global program of lectures includes talks dealing with the aids and obstacles to innovation in each sector.


Pollutec 2016 will be the 27th show!

In 2014, there were 2,257 international exhibitors, including over 600 non-French.

Pollutec offered a warm welcome to 61,992 visitors among which were 7,637 foreign attendees from 120 countries.

During the expo there were over 155 product launches by exhibitors.

Results show that 95% of visitors were satisfied with the experience and 92% stated that they hope to return in 2016.


  1. Waste and explotation of materials
  2. Water and Wastewater
  3. Energy
  4. Instrumentation - Metrology - Automation
  5. Air
  6. Risks
  7. Sites and soils
  8. Regional & International Pavilions
    Institutions - Research - Finance - Sustainable Procurement - CSR


  1. Sustainable city
  2. Sustainable and Future Industry
  3. Aquatic environments and coastlines
  4. Hospital and sustainable development
  5. Agriculture

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Themed forums are informative and educational areas hosting 400 conferences to review the last developments in technology and regulations on the environment sector

 Organised around a partner federation, the villages and hubs bring together a host of companies specialised in the same field in one exhibition area

An area for meetings between executives, managers of specific projects and specialists to discuss opportunities and problems on the African continent

Vietnam's economy is remarkably buoyant and is giving ever more importance to sustainable development and the preservation of resources and environments


closed since 7 Nov 2016
Registration 20 Sep – 7 Nov
Meeting Selection 8 Nov – 24 Nov
Event 28 Nov – 1 Dec
Language English
Costs Free of charge
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Meetings 818
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Belgium 27
Brazil 34
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Czech Republic 2
Denmark 1
Finland 4
France 137
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Haiti 1
Hungary 1
Indonesia 1
Italy 6
Ivory Coast 1
Latvia 1
Luxembourg 1
Portugal 3
Republic of Moldova 3
Romania 1
Spain 8
Switzerland 4
Tunisia 5
Turkey 3
Ukraine 1
United Kingdom 4
Vietnam 16
Total 277
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