GREEN DAYS @ Pollutec 2016


A matchmaking event is a quick and easy way to meet potential cooperation partners. People meet and greet at high speed.

20 minutes is usually enough time to build connections, then the bell rings and the next talk starts.

Contact your local Enterprise Europe Network advisor for any information you may require!


1. Register and fill in your company and technology / business collaboration profile

In your profile you can state:

  • what kind of technology / business / services you are offering
  • what kind of research / technology project you are looking for
  • projects you would like to discuss with potential collaboration partners
  • type of collaboration you are looking for

Profiles can be anonymous. Tick the box in the registration form.

Please note:

All information in your collaboration profile is publicly accessible via our website. Therefore you are advised not to insert any confidential IPR related information or else to select your profile to be “anonymous” in the appropriate box on the form.

Registration is open until the 3rd November


2. Select the activities you are interested in attending

You can find details of the available activities on our website under "visits" "conferences" "experts" and "interclustering".


3. Login and browse the catalogue

Browse the online catalogue of participants and identify interesting partners - a search facility by keyword will help you.


4. Select your meetings

Use your personal login and request your individual meetings with potential co-operation partners by clicking on the checkbox next to the respective profile. You can add further meetings anytime but please be aware that the bookings are managed on the principle of "first come - first served".

Meeting selection: from 4 to 16th of November


5. Bilateral validation of meetings is compulsory (to ensure quality)

All request meetings are submitted for bilateral validation. This aims to ensure bilateral interests and high quality meetings. Thus, results of your meeting are more efficient.


6. Receive your complete personal schedule

You will receive your personalised meeting schedule a few days before the event. This meeting plan gives information about who you are going to meet, the time and the place (table number) within HALL 4 M100 at Pollutec.


7. D Day: attendance is compulsory

Registration means that you or someone of your organisation will be present at the event and attend the meetings you requested or have been requested for your profile.

At the event: Please, come to our booth (Hall 4) and you will receive an updated version of your meeting schedule including last minute bookings.

Individual meetings lasting 20 minutes and will take place in a dedicated area at Pollutec Fair, in HALL 4 M100.


Enterprise Europe Network staff will offer on-site support throughout the event.


closed since 7 Nov 2016
Registration 20 Sep – 7 Nov
Meeting Selection 8 Nov – 24 Nov
Event 28 Nov – 1 Dec
Language English
Costs Free of charge
Bilateral Meetings
Participants 261
Meetings 818
Armenia 2
Austria 1
Belgium 27
Brazil 34
Canada 1
Czech Republic 2
Denmark 1
Finland 4
France 137
Georgia 1
Germany 7
Haiti 1
Hungary 1
Indonesia 1
Italy 6
Ivory Coast 1
Latvia 1
Luxembourg 1
Portugal 3
Republic of Moldova 3
Romania 1
Spain 8
Switzerland 4
Tunisia 5
Turkey 3
Ukraine 1
United Kingdom 4
Vietnam 16
Total 277
Profile Views
Before Event13373
After Event 7132