GREEN DAYS @ Pollutec 2016


The Interclustering event is organised by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Rhône-Alpes region, member of Enterprise Europe Network. 

It takes place on Thursday 1st December at Pollutec Fair at our GREEN DAYS stand HALL 4 M100.

The aim of these meetings is to identify European and International Clusters in the environmental & energy sectors, introduce participants, exchange information and benchmark their activities in order to improve, find synergies as well as future cooperation projects.


How does it work? 

Each cluster must:

  • Insert a profile and describe activities, interests and cooperation sought
  • Select meetings with other clusters 
  • Prepare a pitch 

On the day: 

  • 10 - 13h : each cluster will present themselves 
  • 14 - 18h : cluster meetings take place



Participants will be representatives of European Clusters in the environmental and energy fields. 


Here are some examples of Clusters that participated in the last edition of GREEN DAYS 2014: 


axelera def

Competitive cluster Axelera fosters the development of innovative, competitiveness-enhancing technologies with the capacity to add value to industrial projects at the crossroads of the chemical, environmental, and energy sectors. Based in Lyon, France, Axelera was founded in 2005 by Arkema, the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), GDF Suez, Suez Environnement, IFP Énergies nouvelles, and Solvay. The cluster leverages a strong foothold in the Rhône-Alpes region—a major European center for industry—to roll out an ambitious international development strategy.

Axelera draws on a network of chemical- and environmental-industry players spanning business, research, and higher education to orchestrate R&D projects across five strategic pillars: renewable raw materials; eco-efficient factories; chemicals and materials for manufacturing industries; recycling and recyclability; and the preservation and restoration of natural and urban areas. With some 300 members and nearly 200 cluster-certified R&D projects representing total spending of around €700 million, Axelera—one of France’s top-performing clusters and a recipient of the EU’s prestigious Gold Label—is paving the way for tomorrow’s innovations.


ecoener def


The Rhône-Alpes Eco Energy Cluster is an French association created in 2006 and based on an initiative from Rhône-Alpes Regional Council.

It federates 200 members from the private and the public sector working on the eco-building market in Rhône-Alpes. Members represent the eco-building market in the region, spanning SMEs and big companies, institutions, training centres and research institutes.

The Cluster's main objective is to facilitate networking between its members in order to :

  • Foster innovation
  • Improve their competitiveness
  • Develop the offer on the eco-building market




The Centre for Measurement and Information Systems (CEMIS) is a contract-based joint centre of the Universities of Oulu and Jyväskylä, Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, the Centre for Metrology and Accreditation (MIKES), and the Technical Research Centre (VTT). CEMIS specialises in research and training in the field of measurement and information systems.

Our focus is to develop measurement and information system competence in globally important application areas such as the mining industry, the renewable chemical and forestry industry, intelligent systems, sports and well-being, and game and simulation technology.

We wish to be an internationally desired partner in measurement and information system development. Utilising the combined power of our five partners we will create leading experts in this field, new technology and new business operations by offering research and development services and a high standard of training in an innovative and international environment.




GreenWin is a Belgian (Wallonia Region) innovation cluster dedicated to the green technologies. GreenWin brings together in a single network 160 members : companies (about 70% of SMEs), universities, research centers and training organizations. GreenWin aims at strengthening Wallonia’s industrial facilities, identifying skills and innovative ideas.

GreenWin supports ambitious business-led projects that reduce the environmental impact of industry and housing by improving the life cycle of products: process intensification, use of renewable materials, reduction of waste production and reuse or recycling of wastes. GreenWin’s projects portfolio relies when possible on the principles of circular economy. GreenWin’ scope and strategy covers 3 main axis:

  • Green chemistry (biobased chemistry, use of CO, biotechnologies)
  • Green materials and energy efficient building (energy storage, energy efficiency, production of materials and building systems)
  • Environmental technologies (waste & recycling management, water and air treatment, soil remediation, sludge recovery).

In 3 years, GreenWin already labelled 23 R&D and training projects for a total budget of 70 Million Euros.




CleantechAlps is the platform dedicated to the development of the clean technology sector in western Switzerland. The region’s gateway to the cleantech field, its purpose is to bring together all the research organisations, industries and services that contribute to the protection and conservation of natural resources and the production of renewable energy.

CleantechAlps is the region’s driving force for the development of the sector, promoting interaction between businesses and players in the field, and increasing their visibility. It is also the co-ordinator for western Switzerland of the activities of “Cleantech Switzerland”, the national export platform.


Ecobuild is one of the projects set up by the Brussels-Capital Region to promote sustainable construction and renovation as a response to the effects of climate change. It is part of a strategy of Sustainable Development, promoting growth and sustainability of companies.

The Cluster gathers all the parties involved in the vertical aspect of Sustainable Construction, from the project manager to the on-site contractor.

All of these are grouped together within the, under 7 categories: Architects/designers, engineering and design and consulting firms, contractors, sustainable material and product producers or merchants, property developers, renewable energy companies, partners (universities, research centres, non-profit associations, etc.) :

  • supports the development of the networking capacities of its member : within the Region, in Belgium, in Europe
  • supports the development of innovative projects through's services
  • supports the transfer of knowledge and good practices through the organisation of events and a technology watch
  • promotes its members and partners
  • is involved in interclustering activities through the participation of the Interreg IVB project Greenov (Creation of an EU Cluster on sustainable renovation)


 ae eco def


Éa éco-entreprises represents approximately 100 members, mainly based in the Provence Region, France. The network gathers a large set of complementary skills: research centers, design and consulting companies, analysis laboratories, manufacturers, operators and utility providers, as well as local authorities and NGOs.

The main activity sectors are: Water, Waste, Air quality, biodiversity, sustainable development

Éa éco-entreprises supports the emergence of eco-innovation based on 3 strategic activity sectors:

  • Sustainable and competitive territories to support the development of alternative services offer for development projects
  • Quality of life in the Mediterranean area to offer solutions for resources and ecosystems management
  • Stakeholders of transition to contribute to the implementation and dissemination of new concepts, technologies, services and organizational structures for a sustainable economy



The Spanish Association of Cleaning and Hygiene Manufacturers – ASFEL – is the national industry association for cleaning and hygiene in Spain.

Our focus is to support, protect and promote the international markets for the Spanish Cleaning Sector. This is achieved by establishing our annual Promotional Plan whereby activities are carried out with the support of the Spanish institutions.

Our members have a wide variety of products for Horeca, institutional, health care, food industry, general industries, facility services and DIY. We have 50 members all based in Spain.

ASFEL cooperates with trade fairs organizers such as ISSA / INTERCLEAN worldwide and HYGIENALIA+PULIRE in Spain.

We have databases from around 60 countries worldwide and we also organize trade missions to different markets with the support of the Spanish institutions.



E2IA is a professional assiociation of SME which work on the environment (green technology, waste, water...).

We have 25 members and we work on different domains of the environment.

We built collaborative projects.

Us job consist to search partners to integrate the projects and to search financing.

We would want to rejoin european project of innovation and proposate us expertness.


bretagne eco-entreprises


Bretagne Eco-Entreprises represents about 70 green business enterprises, mainly based in Brittany, France. The network gathers a large set of complementary know-hows : Water, Waste, Energy, Air quality, Biodiversity, Noise, Sustainable development...

Bretagne Eco-Entreprises is especially focus on eco-innovation of 3 strategic activity sectors:

  • Biomass valorization : organic waste treatment, biogaz production, 
  • Water management : wastewater treatment, short cycles recycling, 
  • Ecosystems management : ecologic engineering, biodiversity in the city...

Our network trust the member's expertises to create a multi-specialised answer to the large customer demand.




SWELIA is the premier network of french water companies, established in 2005 (> 100 companies ; > 4500 employees ; Turnover > 1 Md €). Expertise of Swelia companies encompass the full water sector: Identification, conservation and abstraction of water resources; treatment, storage, distribution, waste water treatment, and water recycling and RE-use of all waters; irrigation, analysis & monitoring, management of natural environment, engineering, water infrastructure construction and refurbishment.

SWELIA aim is to increase acces to the water market for its member companies, specifically for regional SMEs. Under its new brand name "HYDRO-PERFORMANCES", solutions and innovations are integrated, based on the methodological and technological innovations of our member companies; these solutions are organized into integrated offers all dealing with the water sector and uses: Drinking water / Waste Water / Agriculture / Water Reuse / Tourism / Health / mining and Oil&Gas Industries.




The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, created by the merger of two references of Luxembourg research, the CRP Henri Tudor  and CRP Gabriel Lippmann, covers with its 650 employees the domains of material science, IT for innovative services, environment and agro-biotechnologies.

Four research and innovation axes are developed within the environment and agro-biotechnologies domain:

  • Water security and safety,
  • Plant biomass for biopolymers and bioenergy,
  • Life cycle sustainability and risk assessment,
  • Environmental informatics.

The LIST also offers to companies as well as public and private organisations its expertise in:

  • Environmental Technologies,
  • Environmental regulations (industrial emissions, REACH/CLP),
  • Environmental analysis and monitoring (biodiversity, soil, water, air),
  • Agriculture and viticulture.



écoorigin offers its stakeholders (companies, universities and local government) a new approach to anticipate economic changes and takes up the green economy ‘s challenges in Bretagne. Through a collaborative and cross functional approach, écoorigin drives innovation and meets the new economic issues of Environmental and Energy Transition to contribute to sustainable territories.





CATALAN WATER PARTNERSHIP (CWP) is the Catalan Cluster of water treatment and solutions for the sustainable use of water. The CWP was launched in 2008 as a nonprofit association. It is formed by engineering and consulting firms, research centers, equipment manufacturers and other entities that work in the water sector. Its mission is to improve the competitiveness of its members and contributes to the progress of society through the sustainable use of water.

CWP is Located in Catalonia (Spain), has 38 members, more than 3.000 high skills professionals, more than 200 researchers working in R&D and Companies with presence in more than 40 countries. Joint Turnover of more than 2.000M€

CWP main objectives are:

  • Innovation and Business Development.
  • Internationalization: Promote the internationalization of the industry and the cooperation of SME to introduce in new markets.
  • Networking: Establish strategic alliances in the water sector. Find synergies & collaborations among the key sectorial companies and institutions to face the strategic challenges.



The Pôle Innovations Constructives, created in 2007, is a cluster driven by industry professionals, gathering :

  • industrials companies and professionals,
  • training and research centres in the fields of construction and building,
  • professional and public institutions

The Pôle Innovations Constructives mobilizes all its members and partners around a single large vision: implementing constructive solutions to produce  responsible and sustainable buildings, for the benefit of users and related territories.

Its aim is to disseminate the present knowledge and know-how in relation with sustainable buildings: design, prescription, construction.

Its members participate into a wide range of activities: initiate conference to develop synergy between actors of the construction, participate in the design and/or realise sustainable buildings, get involved in pedagogical think tank on training for the whole building industry…


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