Future Match 2016 at CeBIT - Brokerage Event

Thematic Guided Tours at CeBIT 2016

Meet Selected Exhibitors from Lower Saxony and Switzerland (+ SME-Instrument Champions at the EC booth)

During Future Match at CeBIT 2016 Leibniz University of Hannover and EU Research will offer thematical company missions to the Lower Saxony booths and the Switzerland booth. Switzerland is the partner country of CeBIT 2016 and Lower Saxony the home region, so technology from both regions will be showcased in this context! Also, we will visit 5 winners of the SME instrument at the booth of the European Commission. The aim of the company missions is to establish co-operations between the visiting companies and the exhibitors. Several companies, universities and governmental organisations will be presenting innovative products, technologies and services in each of these tours:

Guided Tour No 1(SME-Instrument Champions): March 15th, 2 p.m.

Guided Tour No 2 (Health/Wearables): March 16th, 2 p.m.

Guided Tour No 3 (Industrial Applications): March 17th, 2 p.m.

The tour catalogue can be downloaded here.

The company missions will be held in English and will be carried out together with the respective regional Enterprise Europe Network partner. Participants will have the opportunity to get in contact with the exhibitors, to exchange expressions of interest and to arrange further meetings. Participation is free of charge. Interest for the tours can be expressed during online registration.

Meeting point will be the registration desk of Future Match (hall 6, booth A18) some minutes before the start of the tour.

For participation or further details please contact your regional Enterprise Europe Network partner or:

Matthias Wurch                                                
Enterprise Europe Network                               
Leibniz University Hannover                            
Tel: +49 511 762 5682
Mail: matthias.wurch@zuv.uni-hannover.de  

GTAI offers consultation talks on the German market

Germany Trade and Invest is the economic development agency of the Federal Republic of Germany. The company helps create and secure extra employment opportunities, strengthening Germany as a business location. With more than 50 offices in Germany and abroad and its network of partners throughout the world, Germany Trade and Invest supports German companies setting up in foreign markets, promotes Germany as a business location and assists foreign companies setting up in Germany. 

In specific cases experts provide comprehensive project management and support services for foreign companies which usually include:

  • Assistance with finding the right site location for their business
  • Legal information on setting up a company
  • Tax information (national and international)
  • Information on government incentives for businesses
  • Information about key industries in Germany

All inquiries are kept confidential and our investment services are free of charge.

Booking of meetings will is possible for registered participants. Book a meeting with an expert here...

Read more on GTAI...

EIT Digital offers EU support for start-ups and SMEs

EIT Digital supports the growth of start-ups and SMEs by facilitating access to market and and helps them to scale up internationally. The EIT Digital Innovation & Entrepreneurship strategy is driven by 8 Innovation Action Lines. In each Action Line, EIT Digital selects the most promising research results, disruptive technologies and business strategies from our ecosystem and beyond. Afterwards they are packaged in Innovation Activities and startups. The ambition is to drive these innovations to succeed in world markets and become European success stories.

The sourcing of Innovation Activities is through our Call for Activities. Startups are sourced either through the Idea Challenge, the largest European startup contest in information technology, or through a direct application to the Business Development Accelerator (BDA).

The BDA has a central role in the success of the Innovation funnel, as it coaches the entire funnel (Innovation Activities & Startups) with a focus on access to market - that is, customer adoption. Access to Finance is a team fully committed to helping BDA startups raise funds via a pan-European investor network.  

Advisory services on Intellectual Property Right (IPR) in ICT 

Registered Future Match participants will have the opportunity to book individual meetings (25 min) with IPR experts to receive advice on specific IP or IPR query related to information and communication technologies. The service is targeted at researchers and European small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) participating in EU-funded collaborative research projects, but also addresses SMEs involved in international technology transfer processes within Europe, Asia or Latin America. The service is free of charge and will be offered in cooperation with external partners.

Book a meeting with an expert from the Latin America IPR SME Helpdesk here... 

Advisory services on European ICT research funding

Recognising the importance of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) for the growth of European economy, it is desirable to strengthen their innovation capacity via technology and know-how transfer and joint research and development projects.

To enhance the cooperation between European SMEs and research organisations the Enterprise Europe Network offers during the Future Match 2016 in cooperation with Ideal-ist, the worldwide Horizon2020 ICT Support Network for research and technological development, advisory services on EU research funding in Horizon2020.

Invite an expert for a bilateral meeting (25 min) during the Future Match to:

  • get informed on European funding opportunities for joint ICT research projects between enterprises and research organisations,
  • discuss your project idea,
  • get advise on how to submit a proposal
  • or how to find suitable project partners.

Booking of meetings will is possible for registered participants. This service is free of charge.

Book a meeting with an expert here...

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Registration 3 Nov – 6 Mar
Meeting Selection 1 Feb – 15 Mar
Event 14 Mar – 24 Mar
Language English
Costs 110 EUR +VAT
(incl. CeBIT tickets)
Special Offers
Venue CeBIT Fair Hannover
(Hall 6, booth A18/A27)
Bilateral Meetings
Participants 230
Meetings 1003
Austria 4
Belgium 17
Brazil 5
Bulgaria 5
Czech Republic 5
Estonia 3
Finland 2
France 2
Germany 46
Greece 4
Hungary 12
India 5
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Israel 5
Italy 18
Lithuania 1
Luxembourg 13
Malta 1
Netherlands 2
Others 3
Poland 31
Portugal 5
Romania 12
Russian Federation 3
Serbia 2
Slovak Republic 3
Slovenia 2
Spain 9
Switzerland 9
Taiwan, Republic Of China 1
Tunisia 1
United States of America 1
Total 234
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