6th FOODSEG Symposium 2017

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The Network

FOODSEG has been  funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union and broght together 35 partners. It was coordinated by Mr. Andreas Moser (RTD Services) and was finalised at the 30th of April 2014. This FOODSEG Network is the follow-up action of the EU-funded project and focuses on bringing experts who are working along the full food chain (agriculture - feed - food - consumers) together. FOODSEG supports the dissemination and transfer of research results in food safety and quality topics from EU funded Projects. In Addition, FOODSEG has the aim to offer a platform where scientists, policy-makers, decion-makers and industry can personally meet to discuss their cooperations and know-how.

Network membership

The FOODSEG 2014+ Network offers two kind of memberships. The FOODSEG 2014+ Network should be as flexible as possible with no buerocracy and highly complicated desicion-making processes. The main aim is to offer professional services to its members.

The Network membership advantages are:

  • free of charge participation at the annual FOODSEG Symposium and brokerage event. (11-12 May 2017 in Vienna, Austria)
  • Promotion on the FOODSEG website and during symposia.
  • Information on funding possibilities

The Network and proposal membership advantages are:

  • includes the Network membership advantages and a free participation in one EU H2020 proposal that the FOODSEG management organises.

The FOODSEG 2014+ management defined the following kind of memberships:

  • Network membership:
    • € 250 annual membership fee (FOODSEG year is the same as the calender year)
    • special fee for young reserachers and former FOODSEG project partners: € 150 
  • Network and proposal membership:
    • € 450 annual membership fee


Memberships of organisations are not foreseen, but organisations can be part of the network via a sponsorship agreement. Sponsors will be promoted via the website, at the events, via promotion material and also get the chance to present themselves at the annual symposium and the symposium booklet.

If you are interested in sponsoring our network, please, also contact Mr. Andras Moser (moser@rtd-services.com).



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