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claude  SARDA / organization
France, Olette-Evol
claude SARDA, General Manager and owner
Business Request Business Request looking for importers, distributors, pharmacy chains, retails chains in UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Asia. More…
Business Offer Business Offer looking for partners, agents, importers and distributors in UK, Europe, North America, Asia. More…

Andrew Martin / organization
United Kingdom, Edinburgh
Andrew Martin, UKI Sales
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Veronika Erős / organization
Hungary, Budapest
Veronika Erős, International Project Leader
Business Offer Business Offer Premium Quality Hungarian Products. One of our main goal is to support premium quality Hungarian processed food products, and their producers by providing them a unique form of product development to international marketability. It means product development, general business development, market research and foreign trade support.… More…
Business Offer Business Offer Cluster collaboration. The cooperating entities (large companies, SMEs, universities) has decided to found the Agricultural ICT Cluster in order to make their cooperation closer and to increase their domestic and international competitiveness. In order to reach the aims the founding members are endeavoured to use the… More…
Business Request Business Request Innovative projects - H2020. According the predefined goals while establishing Agrotechfood Plc, we primarily focus on searching and developing innovative products, services, technological solutions and projects coming from the agricultural and food sector in order to introduce them on the local and international… More…

Tom Van Zeeburg / organization
Netherlands, Hengelo
Tom Van Zeeburg, Sales Manager OneGrain
Technology Offer Technology Offer Sodium Reduction by Mineralsalt OneGrain. OneGrain® is a new mineral salt. AkzoNobel has developed a proprietary technology to create a new salt grain that can consist of different ingredients; OneGrain® contains the optimal balance of sodium salt, potassium salt and taste. The taste is realized by a flavor that masks the… More…

Research Project Research Project Research into the development of functional foods and interventions to promote active and healthy ageing throughout the lifecourse. The population across the world is ageing and in Europe more than 20% of its citizens will be 65 or over by 2025 with a rapid increase in numbers of over-80s. The role of microbiota in health and disease is an important element in the ageing process and understanding the influence of diet is a… More…

Sue Lewis / organization
United Kingdom, Brighton
Sue Lewis, Independent Consultant
Business Offer Business Offer Independent Consultant. The opportunity to be an Independent business owner following a proven business model as offered by the company. Business tools, products, literature, training, back office structure/administration are all available from the company. Low start up cost. More…

FEDERICO CAPPA / organization
Italy, Milan
Research Project Research Project CLEAN-LABEL, NATURAL COMPOUNDS WITH WIDE ANTIMICROBIAL ACTIVITY FOR FRESH AND PROCESSED MEAT PRODUCTION. The project aims at researching and creating an innovative set of natural preservatives for fresh/processed meat products. The final result will allow the meat processors to have an effective and innovative clean (E-number free and green) label alternative to the common meat preservatives. More…
Research Project Research Project MEAT SUBSTITUTION WITH NATURAL INGREDIENTS IN FRESH MEAT PRODUCTS. The project aims at replacing the utilization of meat with natural innovative ingredients based on vegetable fibers. Meat and meat based products are an important component of the Western diet and its nutritional and hedonic aspects are highly taken into account. Nowadays meat consumption… More…
Research Project Research Project INNOVATIVE FIBRES FOR THE SUBSTITUTION OF PALM OIL IN FOODSTUFFS. Palm and tropical oils replacement in edibles, namely for bakery products, sauces, ice-creams, anhydrous creams, and those industrial food products where an alternative has not been found yet. The Palm Oil substitution is realized by employing a "system" composed of other oils and… More…
Research Project Research Project INNOVATIVE VEGETABLE FIBRE SYSTEMS FOR GLUTEN-FREE BAKERY AND DOUGH PRODUCTS. The project aims at developing a system of functional ingredients for the industrial production of gluten-free bakery and pasta products, with a balanced nutritional profile and improvements in the recipe. State of the Art: •There are plenty of gluten-free products on the market,… More…

Barry  Skillington / organization
Ireland, Cork
Barry Skillington, Business Development Manager
Business Request Business Request Specialist Clinical Trials Company for Food and Beverage Industry. More…

Thuy Pham / organization
United Kingdom, Birmingham
Thuy Pham, Director
Business Request Business Request Importer of unique, premium, high quality Vietnamese food products. Our company imports high quality, premium Vietnamese products into the UK market. All of products are grown, carefully chosen and packaged applying European advanced technology and quality controlled by ISO 22000, HACCP, BRC FOODS, GLOBAL GAP, KOSHER, HALAL. Our current range of… More…

Armand Croux / organization
Netherlands, Maastricht
Armand Croux, sales & marketing manager
Business Offer Business Offer Wanted: qualified UK distributor for BioActor's innovative health ingredients. BioActor is interested in meeting potential distributors to market our innovative health ingredients in the UK market. More…

Marek Kulak / organization
United Kingdom, London
Marek Kulak, Managing Director
Business Offer Business Offer Brand Distribution is an international company with 20 years of experience. It meets the highest standards in the trade market.. We offer the highest quality of imported products, out of the world's biggest brands like: Ariel, Persil, Vizir, Bonux, Lenor, Silan, Pur, Fairy, Surf, Comfort, Dalli, Softlan, Pampers, Always, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Lipton, Red Bull, Milka, Snickers, Kinder Bueno, Twix, Nutella, Toffifee, Merci,… More…

Norman  Maloney  / organization
United Kingdom, Chester
Norman Maloney , Project Manager
Technology Offer Technology Offer Rapid Pasteurisation/Sterilisation and Cooking of Food and Drinks Products. Conventional heating methods often struggle to achieve the necessary high rates of heat transfer into the material in order to heat sufficiently without causing product degradation. Ohmic heating uses an electrical current, passed directly through the body of the material, to cause rapid,… More…
Technology Offer Technology Offer Improved Product Quality. The presence of water in most foodstuffs enables them to absorb microwave or radiofrequency (RF) electromagnetic energy. Direct volumetric heating at large power densities may be achieved to give rapid pre-heating, cooking, puffing and selective drying. More…

William De Vliegher / organization
Belgium, Eeklo
William De Vliegher, Sales Executive
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Vincent Didry / organization
France, Lille
Vincent Didry, Business Advisor
Business Request Business Request Looking for distributors in UK, Germany & Nordic countries. Nord-Pas de Calais in Northern France is a key region for food industry. It is a leader in the production and processing of vegetable, potato, fish products. It stands a leading position for dairy products, brewing, malting and confectionery. The agrifood sector employs 45,000 people in 2,300… More…

Michael Charakis / organization
Cyprus, Limassol
Michael Charakis, Managing Director
Research Project Research Project Development of new Functional Foods. More…

Business Offer Business Offer Laboratories with the latest equipment (PILOT PLANTS) for your pilot products. MILK LABORATORY: - We produce cheese in automatic producers of vacuum fermentation with full control of humidity and temperature during the process - We improve technologies that you currently use - We concentrate milk products - We select and test raw materials for new milk… More…

Katie Don / organization
United Kingdom, Hertfordshire
Katie Don, Account Manager
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Ross Campbell / organization
Ireland, Carrigaline
Ross Campbell,
Research Project Research Project Novel Oligosaccharides. Biopolymers that are used in foodstuffs as thickeners and/or gelling agents are often referred to as hydrocolloids or food gums, eg guar, agar, alginates etc. They are typically used at low dose rates of <1% contributing little or no physiological effect. Healthy eating along with the… More…

David  Young  / organization
United Kingdom, Tarporley
David Young , Director
Business Request Business Request Looking to support companies to enter the British food and drink market. Food and Drink consultancy specialist in helping businesses get products listed in UK retail outlets, through category benchmarking, correct positioning, stellar contacts built up over 25+ years in the industry - 95% success rate in listings through tried and tested tools and methods. More…

Henry Elsby / organization
United Kingdom, Knutsford
Henry Elsby, International Sales Manager
Technology Request Technology Request Drinks / Liquids Technology. More…

Cebuan  De La Rochette / organization
United Kingdom, Wimbledon
Cebuan De La Rochette, Founder-CEO
Business Offer Business Offer Functional Foods Bakeries. More…

Michele Mariano / organization
Italy, Altamura
Michele Mariano, sales/ manager
Business Request Business Request cerchiamo distributori per vendita di prodotti della filiera dell'agroalimentare pugliese. we sell only high quality products from Puglia/COMMERCIALIZZIAMO SOLO PRODOTTI DI ALTA QUALITA' PREVALENTEMENTE PUGLIESI More…

Katherine Fitzpatrick / organization
Ireland, Cork
Katherine Fitzpatrick, EU, Trade and Innovation Services Manager
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Charlotte TERNISIEN / organization
France, Gouy Saint André
Charlotte TERNISIEN, Industrial Sales Engineer
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Valentina Dragu / organization
Valentina Dragu, export manager
Business Request Business Request ADVANCED NUTRITION PROLIVE BARS, SEARCH FOR FOREIGN SALES PARTNERS. We believe in the Passion that the artisan lays in his work, we admire Commitment, we think Courage gives Confidence and Intellectual curiosity and the desire to improve are the first real steps towards Excellency. These values make a unique product of our nutritional bars, natural, tasty and… More…