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Cereduce AB

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Dr Bruno Hedlund

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EXPERIENCE: Innovation and startup company in Biotech

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  • Medicine, Human Health

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Offer: Yeast Protein Production System


Cereduce has developed and patented a genetic modification of baker’s yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae). This strain produces double to quadruple amounts of recombinant protein with no production of ethanol, in short, more protein is attained with fewer complications. The company is looking for industrial partners interested in licensing the technology or partners interested in further development of new applications.

Yeast and other microorganisms are commonly used for production of proteins and fine chemicals. A few examples of products made in yeast are:

• Pharmaceuticals (e.g. insulin for diabetics)
• Industrial enzymes (e.g. amylase for laundry detergents)
• Fine chemicals (e.g. amino acids for livestock feed)

While many different types of yeast are used industrially, Saccharmyces cerevisiae is the most studied one and has the widest range of tools available for genetic modification. S. cerevisiae is therefore an attractive and flexible choice of organism.

The modified strains of S. cerevisiae offered by the company can be used to produce protein at much higher levels than normal. By modifying the yeast cell’s glucose metabolism, increased production of biomass (and components thereof, such as recombinant protein) is attained at expense of ethanol production. More often than not, ethanol accumulation is a problem when producing protein in yeast. Since ethanol can be detrimental to the product, complex fermentation methods are commonly used to avoid ethanol production. This is not needed when using the offered strain. The modification also means glucose is more efficiently used as no carbon is lost as ethanol.

The company has patented the strain and is looking for licensees or partners interested in development of new applications based on the strain

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  • Offered: Licence agreement
  • Offered: Technical Co-operation