BioHorizon Food Brokerage Event

Flash Presentations

BioHorizon invited researchers, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders to submit flash presentations for a chance to present their project idea addressing one of the topics contained in the 2018 work programme for ‘Food security, sustainable agriculture and forestry, marine and maritime and inland water research and the bioeconomy’ (SC2) or for the Key Enabling Technologies call focusing on Biotechnology (KET-B) during the brokerage event. Following a review process carried out by the organisers, a number of speakers have been chosen to make a short presentation in one of the three sessions. We would like to thank everyone who made a submission. The slides accompanying the presentations, including those not selected for presentation on the day due to time constraints, will be made available for download here in the days after the event.


The flash presentations will take place between 10:45-11:45 in three parallel sessions. The location and sequence of presentations in each session is provided below. There will be a live webstream.


Session 1: Sustainable Food Security (de Gasperi room) Webstream link

Chair: David Butler Manning, Bio-NCP, Germany

1. Laura Davies, ADAS, 'Stepping up integrated pest management - decision support systems'

2. Michelle Cleary, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, 'BIOCITY - Urban biowaste for circular resource use efficiency and added value'

3. Isabel Ferreira, Universidade do Porto, 'Food & Water Research Group - Green chemistry laboratory'

4. Matijana Jergovič, Andrija Stampar Teaching Institute of Public Health, 'Climate-smart and resilient farming - public health support'

5. Alise Šenberga, Latvia University of Agriculture, 'Soil microorganisms - for sustainable agriculture'

6. Grazina Juodeikiene, Kaunas University of Technology, 'The recycling of urban biowaste to antimicrobials, chemicals and biogas'

7. Olga Szulecka, National Marine Fisheries Research Institute, 'Pro-health fish products'

8. Miguel Arato, INOQ GmbH, 'Biotechnology SME'

9. Hélène Lacroix, CONDORCET, 'From understanding and optimising biomass production to the market'

10. Lidia Sas Paszt, Research Institute of Horticulture, 'Development of innovative microbial inocula for sustainable food production systems in Europe'

- Nerina Baldi, Commune of Argenta, ‘wiwa! (wild, in landscape, waters, aquaculture and terrestrial farming)’

- Andrea Boffi & Matteo Geraldi, AB Corporation, ‘Ozonated oil and innovative agricultural applications in the hazelnut production process’

- Corentin Chaboud, BIOASTER, ‘BIOASTER microbiota programme: from biological sample to industrial application’

- Miguel A. Faria, LAQV-REQUIMTE, ‘Expertise for cooperation in SC2 activities’

- Elena Grigoreva, Russian Academy of Sciences, Far Eastern Branch, ‘Partnership in Horizon 2020 SFS’

- José Antonio Gutiérrez, Vertech Group, ‘Vertech Group’

- Ján Horváth, PEWAS, ‘Aquaholder Seed+ - New seed treatment method’

- Estefania Ledesma Santiso, University of Leeds, ‘Food theme at University of Leeds’

- Svein Lilleengen, Bioskiva AS, ‘An organic insecticide, pesticide, biocide?’

- Jolien Luckx, Agrocelys, ‘Sembramos futuro’

- Oleksandr Lytovchenko, Kalina, ‘Development and manufacturing of health products’

- Dominika Mańkowska, Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences, ‘BioUniversity for Food and Health’

- Carmen Martínez Lopez, ITENE Research Centre, ‘ITENE’

- Dana Peškovičová, National Agricultural and Food Centre, ‘NPPC - Partner for research and business cooperation in agriculture and food science and innovation’

- Sergio Ponsá Salas, BETA Technological Centre, ‘Integrated system for urban biowaste valorisation’

- Yuriy Rud, Kalina, ‘Organic products: many technologies - one solution’

- George Suciu & Carmen Bobeanu, Beia Consult International, ‘Beia cooperation profile’

- Laura Vivani, Moverim, ‘New collaborations to build on project results’

- Ethel White, AFBI, ‘Variety testing in Northern Ireland’


Session 2: Blue Growth + KET Biotechnology (Lord Jenkins room) Webstream link

Chair: Saske Hoving, Bio-NCP, The Netherlands

1. Sindre Langaas, Norwegian Institute for Water Research, 'Towards a more sustainable fish farming with smart use of microalgae/microbiomes'

2. Hannah Brocke, Max Planck Institute / HyperSurvey GmbH, 'Partners to develop a seafloor database and advance HyperDiver technology'

3. Michèle Barbier, Institut de Science et Ethique, 'Ethical approaches in collaborative marine research projects' (cancelled)


5. Carmem-Lara Manes, Microbia Environnement, 'Innovative solutions for toxic microorganism detection'

6. Ferrán Marti Ferrer, AIMPLAS, 'Bioengineering of the genome of yeast and bacteria to be used in production of industrial products by optimise their molecular pathways'

7. Dennis Necheporenko, Forel Research and Production Centre, 'Environmentally friendly aquaculture and non-waste fish processing'

- Joost den Haan, Max Planck Institute / HyperSurvey GmbH, 'Monitoring the seafloor with new eyes: the HyperDiver technology'


Session 3: Rural Renaissance (Sicco Mansholt room) Webstream link

Chair: Rafael Garcia-Villar, Bio-NCP, France

1. Alberto Sturla, CREA PB, 'Territorial declension of organic farming'

2. Rocío Juste Ballesteros, ceiA3, 'Science for agrifood'

3. Laia Llenas Argelaguet, BETA Technological Center, 'Closing nutrient cycles'

4. Nikolaos Marianos, NEUROPUBLIC S.A., 'Solutions for smart farming and digital agriculture'

5. Stephen M. Mudge, Norwegian Institute for Air Research, 'Provenance, Audit & Resources - where did my (bio-)product come from?'

6. Rhonda Smith, Minerva Communications, 'Impact - Researchers can't deliver it alone'

7. Edward Someus, Terra Humana Ltd., 'Closing nutrient cycles'

8. Ivana Rukavina, Croation Centre for Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, 'Partnership possibilities with the Croatian Centre for Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs'

9. Ana Kojakovic, Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar, 'Wood streams rolling the circular biobased economy of European regions'

10. Nuria Rodriguez-Aubo, Galician Enterprise-University Foundation, 'Partnering in Societal Challenge 2'


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