Shape Future and Emerging Technologies


Shape Future and Emerging Technologies

Future and Emerging Technologies in Horizon 2020 focusses on research beyond what is known, accepted or widely adopted and supports novel and visionary thinking to open promising paths towards powerful new technologies. It funds interdisciplinary collaborations that seek genuine cross-fertilisation and deep synergies between the broadest range of advanced and cutting-edge engineering disciplines in order to turn new knowledge and high-risk ideas into a viable basis for radically new technologies.

On 25-26 June 2014 the European Commission, Ideal-ist, the network of National Contact Points for ICT, and the COFET project are organising a series of events on Future and Emerging Technologies in Horizon 2020. The event will start of with an information day and consortium building event addressing the FET Open and FET High Performance Computing calls for proposals. 
On the second day the COFET project is hosting a workshop to develop future collaborations strategies and topics in FET and highlight areas of research excellence in the EU13. 



  • Get the latest information from the European Commission about the FET Open and FET High Performance Computing calls for proposals
  • Learn how FET has changed in Horizon 2020
  • Get involved with the Public Private Partnership on High Performance Computing and strategic research agenda developments
  • Discover and present new ideas for FET research projects
  • Shape future directions for FET research areas
  • Network and meet excellent research collaboration partners across the EU and beyond


Main topics


Why participate

  • Get the latest information on call requirements and evaluation criteria
  • Meet and share views with researchers and experts from in the field
  • Present, discuss and develop new projects
  • Pre-arrange face-2-face meetings to set up future cross-border research collaborations

closed since 26 Jun 2014
Registration 1 May – 26 Jun
Meeting Selection 18 Jun – 24 Jun
Event 25 Jun – 26 Jun
Language English
Costs Free of charge
Venue Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Bilateral Meetings
Participants 72
Meetings 41
Austria 4
Azerbaijan 1
Belgium 3
Bosnia-Herzegovina 1
Bulgaria 2
Cyprus 2
Czech Republic 2
France 4
Georgia 1
Germany 2
Greece 2
Hungary 62
Ireland 3
Israel 1
Italy 3
Latvia 3
Luxembourg 1
Netherlands 1
Norway 1
Poland 1
Romania 2
Serbia 1
Slovak Republic 3
Slovenia 4
Spain 5
Sweden 2
Turkey 2
United Kingdom 5
Total 124
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Before Event1554
After Event 2545