European Diagnostic Matchmaking Event 2016

EDCA – European Diagnostic Cluster Alliance


The association has been created in 2009. Gathering 8 clusters with strengths in Diagnostics, the association includes around 350 companies specializing in diagnostics (mainly SMEs) and 46 universities.


The purpose of the association is : 

  • to promote competitiveness of European industry in the area of medical diagnosis. To this end the association will enhance the synergies between academicals research, clinical research, health authorities and diagnostic companies;
  • to ease the growth of European SMEs in medical diagnostic;
  • to promote the development of diagnostic clusters and competitiveness clusters in Europe;
  • to promote cooperation between diagnostic clusters (inter-cluster) in order to help build European collaborative projects.


More specifically, the main objectives of the European Diagnostic Clusters Alliance are:

  • to underpin the competitiveness of European Medical Diagnostic players through networking and innovative partnerships;
  • to ease and fasten access to non-EU markets( especially North America And Asia);;
  • to harness the premium role of medical diagnostic in the health care practice.


Clusters and regions associated with EDCA alliance are: 

  • BioTurku, Finland
  • BioWales, Wales
  • BioWin, Wallonia (Belgium)
  • Eurobiomed, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur and Languedoc-Roussillon regions (France)
  • Medicen, Paris region (France)
  • Oxford Academic Health Science Network, United Kingdom
  • Uppsala Bio, Sweden
  • ZMDB, Berlin (Germany)


More info about EDCA: Visit our new website at

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Registration 1 Jun – 16 Sep
Meeting Selection 1 Jul – 19 Sep
Event 22 Sep
Language English
Venue Bourse de commerce de Paris - CCIP
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Finland 1
France 100
Germany 6
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United Kingdom 8
United States 2
Total 125
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