EU Pavilion GreenTech Malaysia

flag-malaysiaWhy Malaysia?

Malaysia is a well developed country with 30 million inhabitants and listed on the world prosperity 2013 index on the 44 place. 

The efforts of the Government of Malaysia is to create the “Vision of Green Malaysia” as manifested by the Prime Minister of Malaysia. The government stimulates debates about the business – as well as the environmental – wisdom of green technologies. It is elaborating various legislative projects to increase resource efficiency and is looking to set high targets in order to lower green house gas emissions. 

Until today, Malaysia, with only about 1% share of grid-connected renewable energy in the country’s energy mix, is far behind the renewable energy levels of most industrial countries and even most of the less developed neighbours in the region. Nevertheless the overall targets with 6% of RE by 2015 and 15% RE shared by 2020 are perfectly set.

The drive to an energy efficient economy(EE) is facilitated by a holistic roadmap, where the national EE framework and targets are established. The government believes, that European partners can contribute a lot towards an energy efficient Malaysian economy.


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