13 NOVEMBER 2014

09:00 - 11:00 am

Venue: Kohinoor Asiana Hotel




Showcasing Indo-European Cooperation in Seven Energetic Stories

The seven Indo-European projects of the New Indigo Partnership Programme in the field of Smart Grids and New Energy Materials (NPP4) present their activities and key success factors for their work in an original format.

The session, invites on stage the Indo-European research projects which receive funding under the fourth call of the New Indigo Partnership Programme (NPP4) on Smart Energy Grids and New Energy Materials. The coordinators of the projects will present their activities and key factors for successful EU-India STI collaboration

The original format of the session challenges the scientists to present their project with 20 slides (or images), each visible on screen for 20 seconds. The slides will advance automatically and the presenter will need to talk along to the slides. To make the presentation a true challenge, the scientists are given a list of topics they need to cover in their presentations.

Why such a challenging format? Scientists are in general very passionate about their work and they enjoy talking about the details. The presenter are asked to explain their work and its benefits for society and other points of interest in a nutshell so the aim and value of the projects is more easily accessible for a larger audience which does not only consist of experts.



09:00 - 09-10 am Introduction

09:10 - 10.50 am Pecha Kucha Projects Presentation

10:50 - 11.00 am Clonclusion














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