4th EU-US eHealth Marketplace & Cooperation Assembly

EU-US eHealth Marketplace Speakers' Corner

The Speakers’ Corner showcased 35 of the best eHealth initiatives across Europe and the USA, over each lunch period during the three day eHealth Forum - see programme below.

Slides from the Monday Speakers' Corner can be found here.

Slides from Tuesday Speakers' Corner can be found here.

Slides from Wednesday Speakers' Corner can be found here.


Monday 12th May 2014

Time Speaker / Role Company / Organisation Topic / Title Country

 Ana Carriazo


 Junta de Andalucia Opportunities for integrated care in Andalusia- EIP on AHA Reference Site  Spain

Konstanty Radziwill

Immediate Past President

CPME CPME Manifesto for the European elections Belgium
13:15 Zdenek Gutter

Project Manager

National eHealth Centre, University Hospital Olomouc 

AHA Best Practices in University Hospital Olomouc Czech Republic

Maddalena Illario


University of Naples An integrated approach to nutrition for active and healthy aging: the consensus document of the EIP-AHA nutrition Group  Italy

Anna Sachinopoulou


Centre for Health and Technology CHT: Oulu's Centre for Health and Technology  Finland

Luca  Sangiorgi

Responsible Molecular Genetics Dept

Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute Innovative Logistic Drug Distribution Italy

Klaske Wynia

Assistant Professor

 University Medical Center Groningen Embrace: a promising population based Integrated Elderly Care model  Netherlands

Rune Fensli

Associate Professor, Research Manager

Centre for eHealth, University of Agder

Secured and Sustainable Collaborative COPD  Telemedicine Services Norway

Donna Henderson

Service Development Manager

Scottish Centre for Telehealth and Telecare Living it Up in Scotland Scotland

Dimitrios Tzovaras

Project Coordinator FP7 VPH NoTremor project                             

Information Technologies Institute, Centre for Research and Technology Hella                        

A Virtual Physiological Human simulation architecture for Parkinsonʼs disease Greece
13:55  Nikolaos Voros Technological Educational Institute of Western Greece Advanced multiparametric monitoring and analysis for diagnosis and optimal management of epilepsy and related brain disorders  Greece

Michael Scott

Head of Pharmacy and Medicines Management, NHSCT

Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety, Northern Ireland Integrated Medicines Management  - Best Practice Northern Ireland



Tuesday 13th May 2014 

Time Speaker / Role       Company / Organisation Topic / Title Country
13:05 Giuliana Moda Health Directorate - Regione Piemonte Building a SILVER CONSTELLATION FOR HEALTH through FAIRNESS  Italy

Cristina Alonso

Falls and fracture clinic leader

University Hospital of Getafe Approach to frailty: the falls and fracture clinic  Spain

Malcolm Fisk

CoDirector, Ageing Society Grand Challenge Initiative 

Health Design & Technology Institute - Coventry University  A New Quality Benchmark: The European Code of Practice for Telehealth Services   UK

Yiannis  Kompatsiaris     

Senior Researcher,Dem@Care Project Coordinator

Information Technologies Institute, Centre for Research and Technology Hellas

Dem@Care: Multi-parametric monitoring for timely assessment and self¬-independence of people with dementia


Silvia Mancin

Project Engineer

Arsenàl.IT Veneto's Reaserch Centre for eHealth Innovation Integration of telehealth and Telecare services: Veneto Region Experience  Italy

Tina Archard Heide & Kjeld Olesen

Project Coordinator TeleCare North  / EU Manager                                  

North Denmark Region
North Denmark EU Office                        

TeleCare North: Large-scale telemedicine in the Region of Northern Denmark


Susana Nocelo

European Project Coordinator

 Xunta de Galicia Active and Healthy Ageing as a priority in Galicia’s Smart Specialization Strategy for Innovation  Spain

Dawn Lawson

Chief Operating Officer

Yorkshire and Humber Academic Health Sciences Network Making Innovation Real  UK

Manuela Hoffmann-Lucke

General Manager Baxter Hellas

 Baxter Baxter homecare: opening new paths for the Greek healthcare system  Greece

Nasos Papapostolou

Vice General Manager 

 Papapostolou Medical Equipment  Papapostolou Medical Equipment provider since 1914. Reliable partner for U.S. companies  Greece

Helen Figge

Vice President, Clinical Integrations


Alere Accountable Care Solutions LLC 

 Alere Connected Health  USA


Wednesday 14th May 2014

Time Speaker / Role Company / Organisation                      Topic / Title Country

Shabs Rajasekharan


Smarter Futures EEIG/ Vicomtech-IK4

Scaling up innovation: Combining supply and demand driven approaches


Dave Horsfield

Mi Programme Manager

Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group Mi/Dallas Programme UK

Marieke Van Beurden

Program Manager 

Cooperative Slimmer Leven 2020 eCare Centre and a scaling-up model for smart ICT solutions  Netherlands

Antonio Damasceno

Intelligent Sensing in Healthcare Lda

Intellicare Combining Social Interaction and Long-term   Monitoring for Promoting Independent Living  Portugal
13:25 Florian Visser
Project Leader
Zorgportaal Rijnmond Scaling up in AAL services from a practical perspective Netherlands

Stephan Schug

Chief Medical Officer

EHTEL SUSTAINS: supporting users to access information and services Netherlands

Palmira Bernocchi


Fondazione Salvatore Maugeri IRCCS A telemedicine-based approach to sustain the Healthcare Eco-System: lessons from the Lombardy Region  Italy

Paloma Amil Bujan 

Referent Expert Patient Program: Catalonia® Prevention and Care of Chronic Conditions Program

Catalan Health Department                          Expert Patient Program Catalonia Spain

Carmel Dickinson

Programme Manager, Manchester Informatics 

University of Manchester Making Connected Health Happen –  the Manchester Experience UK

Paolo Padoan

National Coordinator of General Affairs-Major Projects

 Fondazione ANT  Eubiosia Project - An advanced example of subsidiarity Public Health - NPO  Italy
13:55 Papadopoulos Giannis

Pharmacist, Health economist, e-health specialist

 University of Athens e-Adverse Drug Reaction Greece 



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