European Innovation Week in Taiwan

Main topics


  • Smart Health: smart technologies for a better healthcare. Main subjects: ICT, med-tech, wearables and remote monitoring, smart imaging, active implants, e-health, lab on chip, smart diagnostics, IoT, data security

  • Smart Mobility: smart technologies for a more efficient and safer mobility. Main subjects: Intermodal navigation (+Metro, Train…), Location based services (LBS), Vehicle sharing solutions (e-cars, bicycles, e-scooters…), Autonomous driving (shuttles, cars…), Vehicle communication (V2V, V2I, V2X), Internet of Cars (IoT), Secure GNSS (eg using Galileo’s unique feature of identification…)

  • Smart Industry: smart technologies for a more flexible and more efficient industry. Main subjects: Robotics, IoT, autonomous guided vehicles, process improvement through big data analysis, remote factory management, factory health monitoring, connected value chains, real time metrology, energy efficiency, cross domain smart production (integration and assembly using 3D-printing), data security

  • H2020-ICT: The workshop will present the ICT-H2020 programme and highlight in particular content of the workprogramme, how a proposal can be submitted and how it is evaluated. Special attention will be paid to ICT areas where EU-Taiwan cooperation is encouraged.

  • 5G: The purpose of this workshop is to share information on technology trends and work out joint proposal for ICT-H2020 EU-Taiwan Targeted Opening Call and accelerate the implementation of collaborative projects contributed by partners of the two sides. It has also the objective to promote Taiwan and EU collaboration on a regular basis and contributions to international standards organizations such as ITU-R and 3GPP.

  • Nanoelectronics: The EU-Taiwan Nanoelectronics Symposium is structured on sessions addressing advanced nanoelectronics approaches (spintronics, quantum, neuromorphic,…) with the participation of experts from EU and Taiwan
closed since 26 May 2016
Registration 21 Mar – 26 May
Meeting Selection 18 Apr – 27 May
Event 31 May – 3 Jun
Language English
Costs Free of charge
Venue Taipei, Taiwan (Republic of China)
Bilateral Meetings
Participants 220
Meetings 210
Belgium 7
Bulgaria 3
China 7
Finland 1
France 11
Germany 5
Greece 4
Hong Kong 4
Hungary 1
Ireland 1
Italy 4
Netherlands 10
Poland 2
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Spain 28
Taiwan 393
Thailand 1
United Kingdom 4
United States 1
Total 488
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