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Industry 4.0 - A key topic for innovation in the German Capital Region

ICT plays a key role in the development of new, innovative technologies in the German Capital Region. Numerous nationwide programmes, networks and projects of major importance boost the industry’s innovative strength. The variety, networking and high productivity of the players, coupled with optimum framework conditions, make the German Capital Region extremely attractive for start-ups or extant companies of the ICT industry. At the same time, the region’s sheer size makes it an interesting sales market for innovative IT solutions.

Berlin-Brandenburg’s ICT benefits from an excellent R&D and higher education landscape: Potsdam’s Hasso Plattner Institute, for instance, trains IT engineers, while the Leibniz Institute for Innovative Microelectronics (Frankfurt/Oder) enjoys an excellent reputation thanks to its achievements in the development of wireless communication applications. Close links between ICT businesses and the various R&D facilities make a key contribution to the attractiveness of Berlin-Brandenburg as an economic location.

Information and communication technology is a key to creating new, high-calibre jobs in competitive industries and efficient public agencies.

The German Capital Region is on course to become a top location for ICT innovations. Meanwhile, more than 12,000 highly qualified specialists work in over 1,800 companies from the industry in Brandenburg alone, while ICT products made in Brandenburg are in use on every continent and even in space. Together with the media and creative industries, ICT forms a cluster with 45.400 companies and 228.900 employees from a wide range of fields: from media businesses, service-providers, publishing houses and advertising agencies to telecommunications providers and software developers.

Cluster ICT, Media and Creative Industries Berlin-Brandenburg - read more here.

The Cluster Metal Industry Brandenburg comprises about 2600 companies with approx. 38500 employees. Most metal companies are suppliers of important industries such as vehicle construction, energy technology, aerospace and the electrical industry. Companies, scientific institutions, economic development boards, chambers of commerce, trade boards, business associations as well as the governing bodies are closely linked within the cluster. They are joining efforts to boost the level of innovation and to increase the competitiveness of Brandenburg’s Metal Industry.

Cluster Metal Industry Brandenburg - read more here.


ICT for industry 4.0 in Estonia

The ICT sector is one of the leading industries in Estonia with the 6,8% share of GDP. There are 3.193 ICT companies with 18.970 employees and total turnover of 3.680 MEUR by 2013 (source: Statistics Estonia).

„e-Estonia” is a term commonly used to describe Estonia’s emergence as one of the most advanced e-societies in the world – an incredible success story that grew out of a partnership between a forward-thinking government, a pro-active ICT sector and a switched-on, tech-savvy population. More information you will find here.

The main goal of the Estonian ICT Cluster is to promote cooperation among ICT companies and other economic branches. This aims to foster the development of new solutions and the creation of new products, and to improve the companies’ competitive ability in the international market through the following areas:

  • Coooperation – launching new e-society initiatives based on the cooperation of ICT companies and various other economic branches.
  • Export – increase international awareness and trust for  Estonian ICT solutions and Estonia as an e-state
  • Education – fostering the preparation of proper workforce having the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies required for the development of the sector’s companies; this entails organising cooperation with higher education institutions, carrying out necessary research and defending the standpoints of ICT education.  
  • Innovation – creating a cooperative network among spin-off, start-up and ICT companies

The Estonian ICT sector and Industry 4.0 goals are:

  • Raising awareness about Industry 4.0 and creating higher industrial efficiency
  • Creating a vision of collaboration possibilities and benefits within Industry 4.0 framework
  • Presenting practical case studies from ICT and manufacturing
  • Promoting ICT solutions export globally

It’s not only about upgrading the factory machinery and intergrating ICT in work processes. ICT and Industry 4.0 case studies show a wider approach, including Big Data and Internet of Things – new (or even disruptive) ways to make changes in current product value chain (from order to fulfillment) and more startups for industrial products.


The Enterprise Europe Network partner and event co-organizer Tehnopol offers a value adding set of business development services for ICT companies. We offer business development services such as network information and partnership search, meetups, workshops, personal coaching, HR search & organisation development. There are more than 60 ICT companies at Tehnopol, we run the most successful tech-startups incubator in the Baltic region and have two ICT R&D competence centres – STACC (software, big data) and Eliko (electronics, engineering) – at the site. Tehnopol is also a full member of Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications (ITL).

Tehnopol ICT Cluster - read more here.




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