Matchmaking Event at ESIB 2017

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Matchmaking Event at ESIB 2017


ESIB – the European Summit of Industrial Biotechnology
is designed to be

  • a stage to meet and talk
  • a pivot for active exchange of news, ideas and trends
  • a hotbed for innovation
  • an impulse for fruitful cooperation
  • a cornerstone of new incentives

In 2017 a guided Matchmaking Event will be part of the summit. This is a unique opportunity to generate new business contacts. It will take place on day 2 of the summit and allows participants to carry out 20-minunte meetings with selected partners. Meetings will be arranged in advance by means of this website. Participants of the Matchmaking Event also need to register for ESIB 2017.

Be part of ESIB 2017 – have a voice – rethink industrial biotechnology – INNOVATE!

  • I nspiring trends of industrial biotechnology
  • N ew disruptive technologies and incremental changes
  • N ovel outcomes and approaches
  • O utstanding hot topics
  • aluable insights in economic and political developments
  • A wesome new design ideas and products
  • T rendsetting concepts for funding and financing
  • E xistential developments in the context of industrial biotechnology



closed since 13 Nov 2017
Registration 15 Mar – 13 Nov
Meeting Selection 25 Oct – 13 Nov
Event 15 Nov
Language English
Venue Messeplatz 1
Graz, Austria
Bilateral Meetings
Participants 224
Meetings 119
Austria 128
Belgium 5
Bulgaria 1
Chile 1
China 4
Croatia 11
Denmark 2
France 1
Germany 31
Ireland 1
Italy 1
Netherlands 8
Norway 3
Portugal 3
Slovak Republic 2
Slovenia 5
Spain 1
Switzerland 7
Turkey 2
United Kingdom 6
United States 4
Total 227
Profile Views
Before Event2160
After Event 1146