Emergence Forum 2014

Setting up transnational collaborative projects on Human Health & Agro-food Innovation

Bringing together Academics, Companies & Technological Platforms from Spain, France and Portugal

The Barcelona Emergence Forum TRANSBIO SUDOE will help you to:

  • Set up R&D collaborations within the south-west European region (business & research)
  • Meet companies, research institutions and investors
  • Spread your research results
  • Explore how university technology platforms can help your research & development projects
  • Learn about best practices for technology transfer and company creation & expansion


Who can attend the Barcelona Emergence Forum?

The Emergence Forum Barcelona is opened for all researchers, academic personal, companies, students and professionals related to Human Health and Agrofood Innovation fields. It will hold more than 40 Expert Field Speakers, Technology Transfer Offices, Technologic Platforms and Companies coming from the different partner regions: Aquitanie, Balearic Islands, Catalonia, Galicia, Languedoc-Roussillon, Lisboa Region, Midi-Pyrénées and Valencian Community. If you are interested on attend the Forum, you will need to fill in your registration on our web site.



TRANSBIO SUDOE is a science-driven innovation project of the South-West European region co-funded by the European INTERREG SUDOE program. The project objectives are:

  1. To promote transnational interdisciplinary research, innovation and technological transfer in life sciences to build an innovative ecosystem in biotechnology and health
  2. To develop a long lasting cooperative network by setting up thematic clusters of excellence, facilitating public-private partnerships and expanding the shared use of high level technology platforms
  3. To foster the Companies development and boost the launch of start-up and spin-off companies by providing the best environment in favor of their growth (creation of tools, services, access to business incubators, etc.)


What can TRANSBIO SUDOE offer to you?

For any collaborative project between institutions of the TRANSBIO regions, the partners associated to this project will offer:

  • Financial aid for the travel and accommodation expenses associated to the creation of the collaborative project and its completion (when budget available)
  • Advise on intellectual property strategy and license negotiation
  • Support on identifying additional sources of funds for the project (public and private sources)



Supported by:

closed since 6 Apr 2014
Registration 10 Feb – 6 Apr
Meeting Selection 15 Mar – 9 Apr
Event 10 Apr – 11 Apr
Language English
Costs 90 € (VAT incl.) for Conference & Partnering
Venue Palau de Congressos, Fira de Barcelona, Montjuïc
Bilateral Meetings
Participants 119
Meetings 209
France 33
Portugal 3
Romania 1
Spain 119
Total 156
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