EeB-CA2 Matchmaking Event 2016

EeB-CA2 Matchmaking Event

Meet the right collaboration partners along the value chain of energy-efficient buildings!


Welcome to the EeB-CA2 Matchmaking Event, your opportunity to initiate new contacts in energy-efficient buildings and construction. The event gathers stakeholders along the whole value chain, from building and city planners and architects over researchers to manufacturers and investors. This is your chance to pave the way for new research and innovation projects, market uptake and commercialisation or finding suitable capital for your EeB business idea. Meet us in Brussels on November 18th 2016, 13.30 – 16.00 pm! We invite you as well to register to the ECTP conference taking place in parallel to Matchmaking Event.



  • Innovative energy-efficient buildings technologies
  • Short, sharp 30 minute meetings to foster effective networking
  • Get to know building and city planners, R&D players, companies, municipalities and investors


Main Topics

  • Building Materials
  • Construction Process
  • Energy Management and Monitoring
  • ICT for Buildings
  • Market uptake and financing solutions

Why to participate

  • Find new business and innovation partners
  • Find out more about how to finance your innovation
  • Find new commercial/technological/research partners
  • Present, discuss and develop new project ideas at Horizon2020 level and beyond


The EeB-CA2 Matchmaking Event is free of charge!

The EeB-CA2 Matchmaking Event is taking place in parallel to the 7th ECTP Conference (November 17-18, 2016), participation in the conference is not required in order to join the Matchmaking Event. A participation in the 7th ECTP Conference requires separate registration. If you would like to attend besides the EeB-CA2 Matchmaking Event any of the sessions of the ECTP conference, please register for the 7th ECTP Conference on the conference website.

The EeB-CA2 Matchmaking Event is funded by the European Commission in the frame of the EeB-CA2 project under Horizon2020, Grant Agreement no. 637003.

The event is co-organised by the Enterprise Europe Network, the Europe’s largest network for internationalisation and innovation of SMEs.


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Registration 21 Sep – 15 Nov
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Event 18 Nov
Language English
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