ECO-FCE stakeholder workshop 2015


ECO-FCE is a European research project that will provide strategies and tools to the pig and poultry industries in order to feed a growing global population in an efficient and ecologically-friendly manner. In cooperation with the European Federation of Animal Sciences (EAAP), ECO-FCE will organise a stakeholder workshop to disseminate, discuss and exchange initial promising research results. 


This stakeholder workshop is open to scientists, industry representatives, farmers, breeders, policy-makers, desicion-makers and further stakeholders who are interested in the ECO-FCE results. The stakeholder workshop will include a combination of formal presentations and a "world café" event. The "world café" approach will provide a less formal platform for a more personal exchange of feedback and discussion of results.

Main topics

  • Feed innovation to improve efficiency and reduce pollution
  • What more can genetics offer us to improve feed efficiency?
  • How the gut fosters feed efficiency?
  • The ECO-FCE toolbox to be developed for the pig and broiler sectors


The ECO-FCE stakeholder workshop is held in cooperation within the annual Meeting of the European Federation of Animal Sciences, EAAP.

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Why participate?

  • To get the latest information from a major EU project.
  • To give feedback and input into the results of ECO-FCE.
  • To be part of the ECO-FCE Network and actively contribute to impact.
  • To initiate active and ongoing discussions

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