2nd Health & Wellness @ Mobile World Congress 2015


Day 1 - Tuesday 3rd March 2015 at Mobile World Capital Centre


Welcome, introduction


mHealth enablers

Moderator: Joan CornetDirector mHealth Competence Center at Mobile World Capital Barcelona  - Spain

This opening session will focus on mHealth enablers, looking at the infrastructure, tools, systems and regulatory framework to make mHealth happen. The audience will hear about initiatives in Electronic Healthcare Records, Personal Health Folders, interoperability and security.


“Showcasing Innovation” 

6 SMEs will present their innovations, products & services. - 

10:45 Coffee break / Networking 

From experimentation to routine: how to implement?

Moderator: Bleddyn Rees, Head of Healthcare at Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co LLP - UK

Implementation of connected health solutions is often difficult – challenges in identifying the correct business model and route to market, as well as managing stakeholders and complex procurement processes. The panel will highlight success stories with different business models and share upcoming opportunities in 2015.


“Showcasing Innovation”

6 SMEs will present their innovations, products & services.

12:30 Lunch / Networking 

Keynote - How IoT data tsunami may change our behavior?


mHealth for Chronic diseases and Active and Healthy Ageing

Moderator: Julien Venne, Strategic Advisor, European Connected Health Alliance - France

This session will address how mobile technologies can help tackle the two main challenges currently faced by all health and social care systems: chronic conditions and ageing. The panel will explain their vision and experiences of how mHealth has improved efficiency, coordination of care and the patient-doctor relationship.


What’s pharma industry’s strategy on mHealth?

Moderator: César Rubio, Secretary of the eHealth sector in the Spanish Federation of Healthcare Technology Companies (FENIN) - Spain


Mobile and connected technologies are changing the way healthcare is delivered. The panel will discuss how the pharma industry is responding to this revolution, through internal development and external collaboration, to develop smart strategies that acknowledge the shift towards technology.

15:20 Coffee break / Networking 

Which hot areas to invest in m-health?

Moderator: Tram NGUYEN-TRINH, Founder & CEO VITAnLINK - France

Through their international experience, current portfolio and market vision, our speakers will reveal their mhealth investment criteria. Interacting with the audience, they will explore how connectivity and data management become central to the health ecosystem, and how next winning start-ups can deal with all stakeholders in this system.


“Showcasing Innovation” 

6 SMEs will present their innovations, products & services.


Conclusions, Announcements & Closing

  • Brian O’Connor, Chair, European Connected Health Alliance 
  • Joan CornetDirector mHealth Competence Center at Mobile World Capital BarcelonaSpain
17:30 Networking Reception (17:30 - 19:00)

Day 2 - Wednesday 4th March 2015 at Mobile World Congress - Gran Vía


Welcome, introduction


Opportunities in China

Moderator: Brian O’Connor, Chair, European Connected Health Alliance 

  • Yan Jie GAO, Deputy Director of Health Informatics Leading Group Office at Ministry of Health - China - PRESENTATION
  • Amy Zhou, Chairman, America-China Sports Association, UN Culture & Sports Foundation - USA - PRESENTATION

The opening session of Day 2 will provide an overview of the strategy and opportunities of Republic of China.


Connected Health around the World in 60 minutes

Moderator: Brian O’Connor, Chair, European Connected Health Alliance 

A round-up of four major markets and healthcare systems in 60 minutes! This session will provide key market insights into USA, China, South America and Europe.

11:05 Coffee break / Networking / Exhibition

mHealth: impact on behaviours and decisions

Moderator: Bleddyn Rees, Head of Healthcare at Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co LLP - UK

The introduction of technologies in health and social care systems has an impact on people (patients and professionals), organization and workflows. Panelists will present their activities & products, demonstrating the potential of mobile technologies to change human behaviors and support decision-making.


Keynote - The Digital Revolution in Health – A Telefonica perspective


Connectivity for healthcare challenges

Moderator: Joan CornetDirector mHealth Competence Center at Mobile World Capital Barcelona - Spain

Connectivity is a key element of mobile Health: collecting and sharing data, data analytics and platforms, and has a huge impact on patient management, coordination of care and efficiency. IT companies and Telcos have a major role to play in the connected health environment. The panel will develop their strategy and provide feedback on experiences with the healthcare ecosystem.

13:25 Boxed Lunch / Networking / Exhibition

Keynote - Wearables Across the Spectrum of Care. From Prevention to Intervention


While most wearables today are focused on fitness and wellness applications, the biggest impact they can make is with patients with chronic and serious medical conditions who require surveillance and continuous wireless care upon discharge from the hospital.  Wearable technology, applications, and connected drug delivery patches for heart failure, hypertension, and lung disease will revolutionize care models, deliver peace of mind for patients and their families, and positively change therapies and outcomes. 


Integrated care and wellbeing

Moderator: Julien Venne, Strategic Advisor, European Connected Health Alliance - France

The concept of Integrated Care is a real trend in Healthcare plans – but what exactly is it and what does it mean for populations? Panellists will explain this concept based on real implementation of innovative solutions combined to bring a comprehensive service to populations.


“Showcasing Innovation” 

6 SMEs will present their innovations, products & services.

15:55 Coffee break / Networking / Exhibition


Keynote - Wearables and Smart Data, The Missing Link to the Internet of Things

  • Jorgen Nordin, Head of International Partner & Product Development, JAWBONE - Sweden


Keynote - Wearables: beyond counting steps


Conclusions, Announcements & Closing




 Times and content are subject to change.

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