European Cluster Matchmaking Event

EU Cluster Matchmaking Event

in conjunction with the

European Cluster Conference 2016

In conjunction with the European Cluster Conference 2016, the European Cluster Collaboration Platform (ECCP) is organising an EU Cluster Matchmaking Event that will be held as a pre-event on the 30th of November 2016, also in Brussels.

This will be a unique opportunity for European Clusters to explore common areas of interest for cooperation and build complementarities in terms of sectoral, value chain and market focus.

This is THE opportunity

 to find partners and engage collaborations for upcoming opportunities, such as

  • European Strategic Cluster Partnerships for Smart Specialisation Investments (ESCP-S3)
  • European Strategic Cluster Partnerships Go International (ESCP-4i)
  • H2020 INNOSUP1 projects
  • Cluster Excellence projects
  • and many more



The matchmaking event seeks to bring together 120 clusters from all over Europe.
The matchmaking event is open to cluster and business network organisations from countries eligible for participating in the COSME programme. All participants must have a published cluster profile on the ECCP.

The event is free of charge; no reimbursement options can be provided by the ECCP.


Please carefully read the page on «selection criteria » and comply to the application rules indicated – besides the registration on B2Match you please have to send additional elements by email. Validation of your registration is only possible upon sending of the required information by email until 24 October 2016.

Should you wish to participate in the European Cluster Conference 2016, please be informed that separate registration is required at: . Acceptance to the matchmaking event does NOT directly allow participation in the European Cluster Conference.


Venue :

Room La Rotonde Bertouille and Salle des Banquets

Entrance : 11 rue Baron Horta





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closed since 24 Nov 2016
Registration 14 Oct – 24 Nov
Meeting Selection 1 Nov – 28 Nov
Event 30 Nov
Language English
Costs Free of charge
Venue Room La Rotonde Bertouille and Salle des Banquets
Bilateral Meetings
Participants 113
Meetings 475
Austria 1
Belgium 11
Bulgaria 3
Finland 3
France 30
Germany 2
Greece 3
Hungary 2
Ireland 1
Italy 15
Lithuania 2
Netherlands 3
Poland 1
Portugal 4
Republic of Macedonia 1
Romania 5
Serbia 1
Slovenia 1
Spain 20
Sweden 3
United Kingdom 2
Total 114
Profile Views
Before Event5160
After Event 2315