POST CES 2017 

For Global Startups and SME’s Entering the US Market


6 Month Acceleration Program

Semester 1: January to June  


Phase 1 : Month 1 to 3


Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun








[Program starts Jan, 9, 2017]


Step by step:

  • Learning more about the company’s activity and product lines, and getting to know the team, to help build on the company's strengths and work out its weaknesses.
  • Executive team interviews: Establishing the key elements and differences that make the company an innovative and competitive entity in the target market.
  • Defining and agreeing on the goals to be achieved during the acceleration program.
  • Selecting the advisory team (among the EAEC members - contractors and advisors) as well as the advisory sessions’ structure and content (one session per month for five months starting in February).
  • Selecting the right mix of executives (among the EAEC members - contractors) to represent the company in the USA; to help close major deals and investments as/if needed.
  • Planning the introduction to the EAEC network to possibly sign strategic/channel partnerships and POCs/Pilots; Client shall suggest a list of 25 ideal/strategic targets.
  • Deciding on an address/shared office space/location (co-working space locations available in San Francisco, San Diego and Las Vegas).
  • Guiding the company through the first iterations of its US Market Research (Market Overview + Market Analysis).
  • Elevator pitch, presentations, web site review and collaterals completion guidance.
  • Planning three trip(s), during the 6 month period, in CA and/or in Las Vegas, including the week following CES if appropriate.
  • Planning possible participations at the World Mobile Congress (February, 27- March, 2, 2017, Barcelona) and/or at Cebit (March 24-27, 2017, Hannover) and/or at IFA Berlin (Sept, 01-06, 2017) and possible registrations at their EEN matchmaking events.
  • Assisting executives in registering at, and attending US tradeshows/events, possibly as speakers and exhibitors.


Phase 2 : Month 4 to 6


Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun








Step by step:

  • Deciding on the appropriate business model, branding strategy, and pricing for the US market based on the information collected.
  • Deciding on a business development and sales/marketing action plan.
  • Guiding the company through the finalization of its US Market Plan.
  • Guiding the company through the first iterations of its Market Requirements Document (MRD) & Product Requirements Document (PRD).
  • Introduction to the EAEC network to possibly sign strategic/channel partnerships as well as POCs and Pilots; EAEC identifies high potential leads from the Client’s target list (minimum 5 out of the initial list of 25 targets), contacts high level decision-makers, executes pre-sales pitch, and sets calls and meetings to discuss doing business and/or partner, and/or identifying possible Proofs of Concepts and Pilots.
  • Introduction to law firms to discuss next steps eg. incorporation (including possibility of moving headquarters) and IP protection.
  • Introduction to local investors from the EAEC business angel networks, to local profit accelerators (vs. equity), and to Venture Capital firms.
  • Introduction to law firms to explain/start the visa process – as one or two executives could be interested in moving in the USA middle term.


Questions/Need more information/wanna meet?

Please contact us at ref. Post CES Acceleration Program. You may also call us at (619) 377-8091.

Also, our matchmaking events are the perfect occasions to meet with our team (please check their profiles on this platform or on our page, and connect or request a meeting), and discuss our acceleration programs.

For companies headquartered in Paris, lle de France: You can also send an email to, ref. CES Acceleration Program.


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