DroneDays 2016

Why to participate

Cross-sectorial and cross-fertilized co-operation among sectors are the only options possible to stay at the edge of competitiveness and technology, whatever the main activity sector a company is in.

  • For drone companies:
    you will meet representatives from end-users sectors and discuss win-win collaborations with them!
  • For companies active in “more traditional sectors:
    you will measure and maximize on the value that civilian use of drones can bring to your business!

Really added value and focused event for business-minded professionals opened to new perspectives.

Willing to know what a matchmaking event is? Look at this 2-minute video !

Enterpreneurs in another sector explain their experience with a matchmaking event: the principle is the same with DroneDays matchmaking event !

Come & gain new business perspectives with drones!


The main expected benefits for participants in the matchmaking event:

  • pave bridges for collaborations among companies which are active in a given economic sector and which could enhance their competitiveness by relaying on the technical advantages a drone can provide
  • open up opportunities to set up new organisation and business model innovations against more traditional ways of doing business.
  • initiate cross-border contacts and long-lasting co-operations (clients/partners/end-users)

A rich programme with matchmaking event, exhibition area, demos area, pitching sessions, conference is proposed to participants.

Demos and pitching session will take place during lunch time, in order not to overlap B2B agendas.

DRONE DEMOSFor security reasons, only 6 demos/h will take place. If you are interested in running a demo with your drone, please contact : Mr Renaud Fraiture at  infoFR@drone-days.be



In parallel to the bilateral meetings sessions, participants have the chance to give a single short presentation (10-minutes pitch presentation +2 minutes for Q&A) of their company/research group/technology, dealing with civilian application of drones in the following categories:

- Environment
- New Technology
- Civil Protection ( Police / Firemen.... )
- Originality

As the slots available are limited (4 pitching slots on Sunday; 3 pitching slots on Monday), the first come/first served principle wil be applied.


- entities (companies or research centres) with technical/technological/innovative products/solutions

- new/specific scientific approach

- looking for investment of innovative solutions or new sceintific approaches

Deadline for submitting pitching requests : 22.02.2016               Contact person : Mr Patrick Mascart : info@scorpix.be 

In this page, a list of companies pitching their solutions/prducts will be updated on a regular basis



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Registration 7 Dec – 1 Mar
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Event 6 Mar – 7 Mar
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Total 38
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