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B2B Meetings

For the very first time, the EU Co-operation Unit of Torino chamber of Commerce, partner in the Enterprise Europe Network, is organising the European Brokerage Event on Cultural Heritage Technologies in order to support international technology transfer, business co-operations and research.  
The event is taking place in the framework of DNA Italia 2011, the  European trade show that aims to focus on Technologies applicable to Cultural Heritage, (Building and architectural, storical and cultural, landscape and environment), developed through the whole chain.

It aims at initiating business and technology co-operations - such as license agreements, joint ventures, technical cooperations, market research and commercial agreements with technical assistance -  or European research projects by offering pre-arranged bilateral  company meetings.
The basis for the co-operation meetings is an online catalogue containing all competence profiles of each participant.

Especially invited are SMEs, Public and Private Institutions, Museums, Parks, University and Research Centres etc.  interested into explore new innovative solution for restoration and preservation of their patrimony, or new technologies and innovative materials .

During the brokerage event, thanks to the contribution of the PRISME project, whose aim is to improve access of innovative SMEs to public procurement, public buyers will have the opportunity to specify their needs and get in touch with the innovative solutions/technologies offered by the market.

Historical and Cultural Heritage are not only responsible for personal growth, but are strategic for economic and social development of a specific territory.


Thematic focus of the Brokerage Event:

  • Design
  • Eco building
  • Energy saving
  • Multimedia/3D
  • Nano technologies

Language:   English

Costs:    The event is free of charge

Take the chance to benefit from new technologies and services or promote your own competences!

The EU-Cooperation Unit of Torino Chamber of commerce and further partners of the Enterprise Europe Network look forward to welcoming you to the European Brokerage Event in Torino!

Dates for your agenda

21.10.2011 Insert your collaboration profile
27.10.2011 Online selection of face-to-face meetings


Bilateral meetings (09:30 - 13:00)
Bilateral meetings (14:00 - 17:30)
The earlier you submit your colaboration profile the more it will be recognized.



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