Strengthening Transnational Funding Cooperation to tackle the urbanization challenge

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"Danube-INCO.NET" -- "JPI Urban Europe" -- "EXPAND"
Workshop on joint funding opportunities

The workshop aims to create awareness about the Joint Programming Initiative Urban Europe and its strategic research & innovation agenda among R&I funding bodies/agencies of the Danube Region countries and to facilitate exchange of knowledge and cooperation with funding bodies/agencies of the European Research Area in the field of urbanization.


Objectives of the workshop:Picture Collaboration

Based on previous workshops, activities and discussions on transnational cooperation of funding bodies/agencies this workshop will focus on a particular transnational research and innovation initiative focusing on urban matters. The mechanisms, priorities, instruments and activities of the Joint Programming Initiative Urban Europe will be presented and opportunities for Danube Region countries to join various R&I funding activities will be discussed. Relevant conditions for joining and participating in the initiative will be reflected and the requirements of the Danube Region countries for such funding engagements will be identified.



The workshop addresses therefore in particular STI decision makers of ministries and funding bodies/agencies in the Danube Region countries interested in transnational cooperation on urban matters as well as programme owners and managers of urban-related national research and innovation programmes.

JPIUE - Governance&ParticipationJPIUE - Economies


  • Overview of the strategy, main activities and instruments of JPI Urban Europe
  • Match of the strategic and thematic funding priorities of JPI Urban Europe and the Danube Region countries
  • Reflection on the JPI Urban Europe 2018-2020 (funding) plans
  • Specification of requirements and opportunities for Danube Region countries to participate in JPI Urban Europe funding activities (e.g. utilisation of structural funds, participation in ERA-NET Cofunds, etc.)
  • Identification of key organisations and people in the Danube Region countries regarding urban sustainability and transition that should/could be involved in further discussions and joint funding activities
  • Ideas how to follow-up in individual Danube Region countries (fact finding missions)

Why participate?

  • Getting informed about JPI Urban Europe, a transnational cooperation on urban matters
  • Exchanging on national programmes on sustainable urban development
  • Identifying opportunities for joining forces in regard to urban research and innovation
  • Bringing in the specific situation in your country in terms of urban challenges and R&I funding strategies/priorities
  • Sharing your national framework conditions for joining a transnational research and innovation programme on urban matters


How does it work?

In order to get an overview of your national/regional/organisational (funding) programmes and activities and to allow the organisers to sufficiently prepare the workshop please:

  1. register and publish your organisational profile, your collaboration wishes/offers and your specific interests/expectations until 10 March 2017.
  2. send separately by e-mail (to the organisers) relevant presentations, information documents/materials, etc. about your organisation/initiative/funding programme related to the research field of urbanization also latest until 10 March 2017.
  • After validation of your organisational profile your participation will be confirmed by email.
  • After 10 March 2017 you will be provided with more detailed information about the three interactive workshop sessions (moderated by representatives of JPI Urban Europe; see agenda) and how you could/should prepare yourself for the discussions.
  • Reimbursement of travel and accommodation costs for minimum one official representative of a R&I decision making ministry, funding body/agency or programme owner/manager (in charge of urban matters) per Danube Region country will be possible. Please contact the organisers separately by e-mail.

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