6th Annual Forum of the EUSDR

Places of Worship in Budapest

The organisers of the 6thAnnual Forum recognise and respect the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion. Here we provide you with a non-exhaustive list of some of the various places of worship, should you wish to exercise your religious or sacred freedoms.

Roman Catholic churches
Heart of Jesus Church: Városmajor: 1122 Budapest, 5. Csaba Street
St Stephen’s Basilica: 1051 Budapest, 1 Szent István Square
Matthias Church: 1014 Budapest, 2 Szentháromság Square

Greek Catholic churches
Greek Catholic Church of Budapest: 1074 Budapest, 10 Rózsák Square
Greek Catholic Church of St. Florian, Buda: 1027 Budapest, 88 Fő Street

Orthodox churches
Hungarian Orthodox Church of Our Lady: 1052 Budapest, 2 Petőfi Street
Holy Trinity Orthodox Church: 1052 Budapest, 2 Petőfi Square

Evangelical churches
Lutheran Church of Budavár: 1014 Budapest, 28 Táncsics Mihály Street
Evangelical Church of Deák Square: 1052 Budapest, 4 Deák Ferenc Square

Calvinist churches
Calvinist Church of Buda, Szilágyi Dezső Square: 1011 Budapest, 3 Szilágyi Dezső Square
Óbuda Calvinist Church: 1036 Budapest, 4 Kálvin Alley

Jewish synagogue
Dohány Street Great Synagogue: 1074 Budapest, 2 Dohány Street

Islamic places of worship
Center of Hungarian Muslims: 1119 Budapest, 41 Fehérvári Street
Dar Al Salam mosque: 1114 Budapest, 29 Bartók Béla Street

Buddhist sacred site
Mantra Buddhist Center of Hungary: 1046 Budapest, 7 Szent László Square

Jehova’s Witnesses church
Kingdom Hall: 1164 Budapest, 15 Szabó Street
Jehova’s Witnesses Office in Hungary: 1163 Budapest, 1 Kövirózsa Street

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