6th Annual Forum of the EUSDR


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9th European Conference of Danube Cities and Regions

2-3 November 2016, Bratislava

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Wednesday, 2nd November 2016

19:00 h, Primatial Palace (City Hall)

Come Together: Welcome Reception hosted by the Lord Mayor of the City of Bratislava, Ivo Nesrovnal


Thursday, 3rd November 2016

09:30 h - 12:00 h, Slovak National Theater

Conference in cooperation with the 3rd EUSDR Danube Participatory Day, ARGE Donauländer, Danube Civil Society Forum, EUSDR - PA 10 (Local Actors Platform), Urban Platform Danube Region and Council of Regions

Opening Session

  • Ivo Nesrovnal, Lord Mayor of Bratislava, President of Council of Danube Cities and Regions
  • Rudolf Schicker, City of Vienna, Priority Area Coordinator PA 10 of the EUSDR
  • Peter Langer, General Coordinator of the Council of Danube Cities and Regions

Key Notes

  • Karl-Heinz Lambertz, Vice-President of the Council of Regions (EU CoR)
  • Ugo Poli, Secretary General of the Central European Initiative
  • Goran Svilanović, General Secretary of the Regional Cooperation Council
  • Prof. Milan Dimkić / Dragana Pejović, Institute for Development of Water Resources "Jaroslav Černi", Belgrade
  • Eugen Albu, Senior Adviser of the Council of Danube Cities and Regions for water / wastewater management, Bucharest



  • Ivo Nesrovnal, Lord Mayor of Bratislava
  • Handing over the presidency of CoDCR to Lord Mayor Gunter Czisch, Ulm


  • H.E. Ambassador Andreja Jerina, EUSDR - National Coordinator of Slovenia
  • Anders Bergström, Policy Area Coordinator/ Horizontal Action Leader, PA Education/ HA Capacity, EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR), Sweden

Contact and Information:

  • Peter Langer, General Coordinator of the Council of Danube Cities and Regions

Office Ulm

City Hall

D-89073 Ulm


Phone +49 / 731 / 161 - 1003

Fax  +49 / 731 / 161 – 1635



Office Vienna

EUSDR PA 10 / Urban Platform Danube Region

Kirchberggasse 33-35/9

A-1070 Vienna

Phone +43 / 1 / 8908088-2204

Mobile +49 / 176 /22103456




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