6th Annual Forum of the EUSDR


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10th European Conference of Danube Cities and Regions

17-18 October 2017, Budapest

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15:00-16:30: Meeting of the Extended Executive Committee of the Council of Danube Cities and Regions

Venue: Mayor’s Office Budapest, I/120 Council-Room (H-1052 Budapest, Városház utca 9-11.)
Topics: CoDCR organisational matters, declaration of Istanbul and the Tisza cities as members of CoDCR with observer status (tbc.)
Moderators: Mr. Peter Langer, General Coordinator of the CoDCR and Mr. Péter Szegvári, Danube Commissioner of Budapest
Language: English

18:00-20:00 Welcome Reception hosted by Mr. István Tarlós, Mayor of Budapest
Venue: Mayor’s Office Budapest, Ceremonial Hall (H-1052 Budapest, Városház utca 9-11.)


08:30 Registration
Venue: New City Hall of Budapest (H-1056 Budapest, Váci utca 62-64.)

Venue: New City Hall of Budapest
Topics: Transport and Energy in the Danube Region
Moderators: Mr. Peter Langer, General Coordinator of CoDCR and Mr. Péter Szegvári, Danube Commissioner of Budapest
Language: English

Opening speech: Mayor István Tarlós
Keynote 1: Mrs. Gisela Erler, State Counsellor for Civil Society and Civic Participation, State Ministry of Baden-Württemberg
Keynote 2: Mrs. Judit Törökné Rózsa, European Commission DG REGIO
Keynote 3: Mr. Rudolf Schicker, Priority Area 10 “Institutional Capacities and Cooperation”

Session 1: Panel discussion – “Transport and Energy in the Danube Region” (panellists tbc.)
Questions & Answers session
Presentation 1: Introduction of Istanbul (tbc.)
Presentation 2: Introduction of Sofia (tbc.)

“Connectivity of the City of Istanbul and the City of Sofia to the Danube Region”
Presentation 3: Introduction of the Tisza cities (tbc.)

Coffee break (15 mins)

Session 2: Reports from civil society events
1. Summarising the results of the International Civil Society Conference on the Danube – 28-29 September 2017 Mr. Miklós Barabás, European House
2. Summarising the results of the 4th Danube Participation Day – 17 October 2017: “4th Danube Participation Day in the EU Danube Strategy: Science meets Participation, Innovation
and Sustainability, The Agenda for Participation in EU Macro-Regional Strategies”, Mr. Stefan Lütgenau, Danube Civil Society Forum
- Roma Inclusion in the Danube Region – summary of the projects initiated by the Andrássy University Budapest (tbc.)
- Report on the recent activities of the ARGE Donauländer (tbc.)

Summary, conclusions

Adoption of the Budapest Declaration

Handover of the Council Presidency

12:30-14:00 Lunch
Venue: New City Hall


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Language English, during the Plenary Sessions simultaneous translation into Hungarian is provided
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