Cyber Security Week

By registering to the CSWmatch 2017 you agree to accept the Event related Terms and Conditions:

1) Let organizers promote your cooperation profiles through the EEN network market place.
2) Inform organizers and other involved participants if you cannot attend a meeting.
3) Let the organizers give your personal contact details to the participants with whom you have booked a meeting.
4) Reply in due time at the online feedback form sent by organizers.
5) When appropriate, sign a confirmation/impact letter requested by any Europe Enterprise Network Partner to acknowledge that you have reached an agreement with other participant at this matchmaking Event.



The participation at the CSWmatch 2017 is free of charge, but in order to preserve the quality of the meetings and prevent last-minute cancellations and no-shows, the event organizers will charge 55 euros to all participants who cancel without informing the organizers at least 3 days before the event (deadline on 6th June 23h59).

Register for this event
open until 21 Sep 2017.
Registration 9 Apr – 21 Sep
Meeting Selection 9 May – 22 Sep
Event 26 Sep – 28 Sep
Language English
Costs Free of charge
Venue (26 en 28 Sept) HSD Campus The Hague (27 Sept) WTC The Hague
Bilateral Meetings
Participants 180
Meetings 285
Austria 1
Bangladesh 1
Belgium 2
Bulgaria 1
Canada 4
France 2
Germany 2
Greece 1
Guatemala 1
India 1
Ireland 2
Israel 7
Italy 3
Japan 2
Netherlands 95
Norway 2
Poland 1
Portugal 5
Romania 4
Spain 1
Switzerland 1
Turkey 7
Ukraine 1
United Kingdom 53
United States 7
Total 207
Profile Views
Before Event5136