There are more than one hundred hotels in Saint-Malo and close-by and they provide a wide range where comfort and rates are concerned, from the simplest type to 4-star hotels (800 bed rooms nearby Palais du Grand Large). CBB Capbiotek does not book your hotel. You should therefore make your own bookings and payments.

Due to the heavy demand on hotel rooms at the period of  Cosm'ing, your booking has to be made as soon as possible. 

In order to beneficiate of special price, you could book via a dedicated reservation platform made by Le Palais du Grand Large. 


Bannière hotel


closed since 22 Jun 2016
Registration 11 Apr – 22 Jun
Meeting Selection 25 Apr – 27 Jun
Event 29 Jun
Language English / French
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Venue Quai Duguay Trouin 1
Saint Malo, France
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