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Roundtable Discussions

What are the Roundtable Discussion sessions?

Roundtable Discussion sessions are thirty minute topical conversations between up to 12 participants. You can choose to join a topical Roundtable Discussion instead of participating in one-on-ones during one or more of the first five sessions. This can be a nice way to meet multiple people at one time who have a common interest in a specific topic. It can also just be a nice break from participating in one-on-ones. 


What are the Roundtable Discussion topics?

More topics may be added, but for now, these are the topics planned. Let us know if there are others you think we should plan.

Conflict Minerals
Meet with other participants interested in discussing their efforts and offerings related to building conflict-free supply chains.

Supplier Diversity 
Meet with other participants interested in discussing the intersection between supplier diversity and other socially and environmentally responsible purchasing initiatives. Increasingly, organizations are bringing their supplier diversity programs together with their programs to promote social and environmental responsibility. Is that your organization? Are you seeing that trend as a supplier? What are the associated challenges and opportunities?

Lifecycle Assessments & Purchasing 
Lifecycle Assessments (LCAs) promise purchasers the ability to take into account the impacts of a product throughout its full lifecycle. But, many purchasers find them difficult to use and some question their objectivity. Some suppliers question whether purchasers value the effort they put into producing LCAs. Join with other participants to discuss the promise and challenges that come with trying to use LCA in purchasing decision-making.

How are suppliers and purchasers addressing greenhouse gas emissions in their supply chains? How have you tried to evaluate your supply chain's GHG footprint? How can suppliers help purchasers understand and mitigate their supply chain emissions? Join with other participants to discuss how organizations can use their purchasing to slow climate change. 

Engaging Suppliers Around Sustainability 
Purchasers, how do you engage your suppliers around sustainability? Suppliers, how do you want to be engaged? What's most effective? Join this discussion to learn what other participants are trying and share your experiences.


How do I sign up for a Roundtable Discussion?

Click the "Your Account" button and then go to the "Registration" tab. In the Sessions list, the Roundtable Discussions are listed on the right. Check the box next to any Roundtable Discussions you want to attend. Note that joining a Roundtable Discussion is mutually exclusive with participating in one-on-one meetings during that same Round.



We wish to appreciate the Procurement Division of the City of Ghent, Belgium, for hosting an excellent buyer-supplier matchmaking event during the 2014 EcoProcura Conference. The success of that event inspired SPLC Connect. Learn more about the City of Ghent's sustainable purchasing work

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