5th Cluster Matchmaking Conference

Cluster Matchmaking Succes stories

Establishment of Ukrainian Organic Cluster:  BSR Stars Cluster Matchmaking Conferences are dedicated to matching clusters across Europe. Read the story about how the Ukrainian Organic Cluster was established with help from a contact made during the 4th Cluster Matchmaking Conference in 2016 in Warsaw here.   

New cross-cluster network - Eastern European FOOD network: Read the story a new cross cluster network bringing together five food clusters in Eastern Europe, aimed at creating new, healthy and functional foods here.

Health Innovation: Read the story about how the Gold labelled Danish Welfare Tech cluster managed to turn participation in the Cluster Matchmaking Conferences into concrete impact for innovative health care firms here.


Results from 2017

Facts and figures:

  • 175 clusters from 30 countries
  • 604 cluster-to-cluster meetings
  • 100%would participate again
  • 96% found the event excellent or good
  • 30+ international cluster collaborations fixed on the spot.

Find photos from the event here.

CMC    CMC_networking

Results from 2016


Facts and figures:

  • 250 participants from 151 clusters from 30 countries
  • 497 cluster-to-cluster meetings
  • 100 % would participate again
  • 98% found the event excellenct or good
  • 20 international cluster cluster collaborations fixed on the spot

Find photos from the event here

 photo_matchmaking    matchmaking6    matchmaking4


Results from 2015

Winner of two Danish Events and Meetings Awards 2016  


NomineeTogether with the venue Copenhagen Street Food the "3rd Cluster Matchmaking Conference: Innovation by Combination" has been nomiated and won two Danish Events and Meetings Awards 2016 (DEMA 2016). DEMA 2016 the organised by MPI Denmark Chapter - the organisation of meeting professionals. DEMA is the annual award show celebrating the best and most innovative events in Denmark. There are 10 categories and 25 nominees. The Cluster Matchmaking Conference was nominated in and won two categories:

See the Best Venue 2016 Nomination here (in Danish only). 

See Best Integrated Service Nomintaion here (in Danish only). 

Facts and Figures

  • 285 participants from 154 clusters and 32 countries
  • 73 tables fully booked - 544 cluster-to-cluster meetngs
  • 100% would participate again
  • Establishment of 35 international cluster collaboration projects
  • More than 400,000€ genereated for cluster collaboration projects (and still counting)

Video from the event:


Results from 2014

Facts and Figures

  • 300 participants from 24 countries representing almost 150 clusters
  • 50 table fully booked - 433 targeted cluster-to-cluster meetings
  • 100% would participate again
  • Numerous cluster-to-cluster projects across Europe


 pic1-2013-small pic2-2013-small pic3-2013_small


Results from 2013

Facts and Figures

  • 170 participants from 15 countries represention more than 70 clusters
  • 225 highly targeted meetings (199 transnational). 
  • 98 % believes that the general organization of the event was excellent or good. 
  • 90% said that there is excellent or good chance that they would participate in the event again
  • 86% answered that the event met their expectations excellent or good


 pic1-2013-small pic2-2013-small pic3-2013_small

Comments from our participants

« It was a fantastic event. We met some clusters who we did not have the opportunity to meet otherwise. This kind of events for clusters, we want more of»
Karen Lindegaard
Cluster Manager, Welfare Tech



closed since 15 Sep 2017
Registration 3 Apr – 15 Sep
Meeting Selection 21 Aug – 21 Sep
Event 21 Sep – 22 Sep
Language English
Costs Free of charge
Venue Stuttgart
Bilateral Meetings
Participants 189
Meetings 575
Austria 3
Belgium 4
Bulgaria 4
Czech Republic 3
Denmark 16
Estonia 3
France 8
Germany 48
Hungary 6
Iceland 2
Ireland 2
Italy 1
Latvia 9
Lithuania 12
Luxembourg 2
Malta 1
Norway 11
Poland 15
Portugal 7
Romania 4
Slovak Republic 4
Slovenia 1
Spain 23
Sweden 11
Switzerland 1
Ukraine 4
United Kingdom 3
Total 208
Profile Views
Before Event7383
After Event 3667