4th Cluster Matchmaking Conference

BSR Innovation Express

Innovation Express represents a common transnational approach for supporting the internationalisation of SMEs through cluster initiatives.

Innovation Express is a joint call for proposals implemented within the framework of the BSR Stars programme. The call is funded by national/regional funding agencies to initiate, develop or enhance transnational cooperation activities – leveraging cluster organisations (or similar) to develop proposals for their SME members. Based on positive experience with previous Innovation Express calls in 2013, 2014 and 2015, again this year BSR Stars launches a transnational call to support the internationalisation of SMEs – in 2016 with participation from the German Brandenburg region as special “cooperation partner”! Read more about the call here.

The deadline for final submissions of the 2016-call: October 31.

Call for the expression of interest: Towards European Strategic Cluster Partnerships for smart specialisation investments

Through a dedicated call for the expression of interest, the aim is to mobilise European Strategic Cluster Partnerships for smart specialisation investments (ESCP-S3). This call is linked to the establishment of the Smart Specialisation Platform on Industrial Modernisation and Investment and is envisaged to strengthen industry participation and inter-regional collaboration in the implementation of smart specialisation strategies.

This call for the expression of interest and the subsequent partnering process towards European Strategic Cluster Partnerships for smart specialisation will open in May 2016 via the partner search tool at http://www.clustercollaboration.eu/partner-search and is intended to remain open until the end of December 2016. Read more about the call here.  

INNOSUP-01-2016-2017 TOPIC: Cluster facilitated projects for new industrial value chains (forthcoming)

The challenge is to develop new cross-sectoral industrial value chains across the EU, by building upon the innovation potential of SMEs. The EU needs to support the development of emerging industries, which will provide the growth and employment of the future. The reindustrialisation of the EU's industrial base has to focus on the development of long-term internationally competitive goods and services that require combining different competences and innovative solutions. The development of new industrial value chains calls for the collaboration and integration of different innovation actors, including large enterprises and especially SMEs, across different sectors towards the implementation of a joint visionRead more about the call here.

Planned opening date: 08 November 2016,  Deadline: 04 April 2017 17:00:00

CORNET: Collective Research Networking 

CORNET is a network of ministries and funding agencies that combine their existing funding schemes to increase competitiveness of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). Participation in a CORNET project allows SMEs, SME associations or Clusters and research organisations to build an international network and benefit from know-how and resources that might not be available in their country or region. CORNET features high success rates and short time to contract. The bottom-up approach ensures that the project solve common pre-competitive problems of SMEs of a branch or even cross-sectorial issues. Twice a year CORNET issues calls for proposals for international Collective Research projects. Usually, the first call closes end of March and the second end of September. Currently, the 22nd Call for Proposals with deadline 28 September is open.

For more information about CORNET visit www.cornet.online or download the CORNET folder for applicants as pdf version.

Missions for Clusters & SMES to Japan 

The EU-Japan Centre organises every year matchmaking missions to Japan for EU Clusters and SMEs.

Scheduled Cluster Missions

The missions last 5 days and are composed of market-specific business seminars, group company visits, one-on-one meetings at a targeted trade fair with showcase and networking events to maximize opportunities for the EU participants. Clusters and SMEs selected to participate in our mission can gets a grant. Read more here

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