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B2B Meetings



 picture Peggy Bovens

Objective framework for cost guaranteed renovation

Introducing Q1. "Who is willing to jump into the deep end of transparancy?"

Peggy Bovens - PB calc & consult bvba (B)

Peggy Bovens (B) is a civil engineer and owns the estimating and consulting company PB calc & consult at Antwerp (B), which focuses on construction management for smooth building processes within budget. PB calc & consult also organizes in-company training sessions concerning Construction Cost Engineering and Construction Management and lectures at management schools and universities.

The pitch will show an innovative working methodology, based on construction standards - integrating construction coding systems (such as BB-SfB Plus) - to control costs, quality and communication throughout a building’s life cycle and  to organize groupware and BIM models.

 Van Hal

Smart and speedy renovation of post-war housing

Introducing Q2. "What are supply chain collaboration challenges for achieving "smart and speedy" renovation?"

Anke van Hal - TU Delft / Nyenrode Business university (NL)

Anke van Hal, Ph D, M Sc is professor Sustainable Building & Development at the Nyenrode Business University (since January 2008) and professor Sustainable Housing Transformation at the Faculty of Architecture of the Delft University of Technology (since November 2007). Together with professor Danielle Zandee she is the academic leader of the Nyenrode Center for Sustainability.
From September 2000 till the moment she started working for the universities she was active as an independent sustainable building specialist at consultancy office Anke van Hal. She developed a sustainable business approach (the Merger of Interests) which covers most of her work. Her main interest is the challenge of a sustainable transformation of existing dwellings and neighborhoods.  
Anke van Hal is a member of the board of the Dutch Green Building Council. She wrote several books and many articles.

Picture Stijn Verbeke

Enhancing Energy Performance Certification (EPC) to promote integrated energy renovation

Introducing Q3. "Can energy performance certificates (EPC) become the key to start an integrated energy renovation?"

Stijn Verbeke - VITO (B)

Stijn Verbeke graduated in 2006 at Ghent University as master in civil engineering. His work focuses on the evaluation of the energy performance and thermal comfort of buildings, both within the VITO sustainable building and living team (Duwobo), as in his ongoing Phd research at the Artesis University College in Antwerp.

 Picture Aabrekk

House owners’ project manager as key for coordinated and holistic supply side
Introducing Q4. "What are key solutions for house owners' project managers?"

Synnøve Elisabeth Aabrekk - Segel (N)

Bachelor in marketing and international Business. Senior Business Adviser/Partner in Segel AS. Aabrekk has 6 years experience from development of tourism project and 15 years work experience as business adviser with main focus on market development, project management and entrepreneurship. She has been project leader in strategy processes for private Norwegian companies and contributed in strategy processes for the state body ENOVA. She contributed in the IEA SHC Task 28/ECBCS Annex 38 Sustainable Solar Housing, and was co-author for the written publication Business Opportunities in Sustainable Housing.

Aabrekk is participating in the work package related to market strategies in the project “Success Families” and also in developing Guidelines to one stop shop business model in the project OneStopShop.


 foto Opstelten

Realising marketable propositions for energy neutral buildings

Introducing Q5. ”What are the dominant success factors and barriers for realizing marketable propositions and how should/could (local) Communities of Practice be empowered to realize this?”

Ivo Opstelten - SEV (NL)

PhD. in Physics at the Technical University in Delft (1995). He has been active in the field of Indoor Air Quality and Energy in the Built Environment since 2000. Until 2010 he was manager of the program Energy in the Built Environment at ECN and coordinator of Building Future (consortium formed by TNO and ECN). Since June 2010, he is program director at the SEV, for the multiannual innovation-implementation program “Energiesprong” = Energy Leap. Furthermore he was active in several outside activities, amongst which several Dutch normalization committees, such as the “Energy performance of Buildings” and is an active member of the Industrial Advisory Group of E2BA. Last but not least he implemented his knowledge within his own renovation project, transforming a late thirties, energy-leak, house into a energy-neutral (NZEB) home.

 Are Rodsjo

Public funded energy plans for renovation

Introducing Q6. "How can public funded energy plans stop renovation money going down the drain?"

Are Rødsjø - Husbanken (N)

Are Rødsjø  is a civil architect and a project leader in The Norwegian State Housing Bank which is a tool for implementing national housing policy. His main field of work is  strategies for market transformation concerning energy efficiency in the Norwegian housing stock. He has been leading the Norwegian participation in the projects IEA SHC Task 28, Sustainable Solar Housing and and IEA SHC Task 37, Advanced Housing Renovation by Solar and Conservation. I the latter project he was the  leader of Subtask A , Market Communication and Strategies and a co-author of the handbook, From Demonstration Projects to Volume Market. Together with Tor Helge Dokka at SINTEF Byggforsk he has designed “The Kyoto Pyramid”.

 Koen Daniels

Challenges of building services manufacturers to reach integrated renovation

Introducing Q7. "How can building services manufacturers collaborate with the renovation supply chain?"

Koen Daniëls - Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. (B)

Mitsubishi Electric is a supplier of heat pumps, mainly air to water and air to air systems, for the residential and commercial market. Koen Daniëls is the corporate consultant for this firm. One of the issues he is working on is doing research on finding different partnerships with other companies. The collaboration with other firms should make it possible to present building owners a complete solution for the sustainability of their property on the level of HVAC and maybe beyond. The main goal of such a partnership is making it possible to integrate the different components of the HVAC such ventilation, indoor installations,... together with heat pump systems in standard solutions and lift it up to a whole. To make sustainable HVAC-systems more transparent and more understandable for the public it is recommended to speak more with one voice.

Mitsubishi Electric provides advanced heat pump technology for the residential market and for commercial buildings. A unique technology developed by our R&D to heat buildings has been proven to be efficient and cost effective since the launch of this specific technology.

 Colin King

Quality problems in integrated renovations

Introducing Q8. "How to achieve quality assurance for integrated renovation?" 

Colin King - BRE Wales (Building Research Establishment) (UK)

Colin is a member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and has been involved in the Construction Industry for over 30 years. He has delivered area based regeneration in the East of London, Cardiff, and Eire, specialising in integrated design teams, partnering frameworks and sustainable refurbishment. He is one of the Technical Authors of the Code for Sustainable Homes and is currently Senior Technical Advisor to the Welsh Government on Construction Standards and the Building Regulations.


Coupling energy advice and execution of housing renovation

Introducing Q9. "How can a private company collaborate with municipalities for providing retrofit advice and execution?" 

Serge Degheele  - Bostoen Real Estate Investments (B)

Serge Degheele (Master in electronics, 1995) has 10 years experience in construction. He is already six years active in the implementation of energy saving measures in housing (LED lighting, thermal insulation, energy-saving heating systems, window replacement, solar boilers, and so on). At the construction company Bostoen he researches and develops integrated retrofit solutions for clients with the ultimate goal of achieving 2020 energy saving targets.


Renovate Europe campaign

 Introducing Q10. "Can increased and extensive rates of renovation be achieved without political leadership?"

Adrian M Joyce - EuroACE

Adrian M Joyce, a qualified and experienced architect, is currently the Secretary General of the European Alliance of Companies for Energy Efficiency in Buildings (EuroACE) and Campaign Director of the Renovate Europe Campaign (REC).  The REC is a political communications Campaign whose objective is to ensure that by 2050 the energy demand of the EU building stock is reduced by 80% as compared to 2005. He is also a Board member of the European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (eceee) and teaches construction technology at the University of Louvain-le-Neuve.


 Van Maercke

Introducing Q11. "How can large scale demonstrators impact on new industrial value chains" 

Alexis Van Maercke - European Commission, DG Enterprise and Industry

Alexis Van Maercke, is policy officer at the European Commission, Directorate-General Enterprise and Industry. Within the Europe INNOVA programme of the European Commission, he is coordinating the Eco-Innovation Platform aiming to provide a European integrated platform offering support tools and instruments to innovation business service providers. Alexis Van Maercke previously worked as political advisor in the European Parliament and holds a Master's in Law and a Master's in European Studies from the College of Europe.


Agency supporting enterprises for integrated energy renovation

Introducing Q12. "What are key elements for a business plan for enterprises to move to sustainable renovation?"

Philippe Taillard - Agence Bruxelloise pour l'Entreprise/Cluster Ecobuild (B)

Mr. Taillard has a bachelor of Architectural Drawing (St Luc University, Brussels) and a postgraduate degree in Management. Previously running an enterprise specialized in renovation, Mr. Taillard has a 20 years’ experience in renovation sector. He has been working for ABE since 2009, as Sustainable Construction Business Unit Manager helping Brussels-based actors of the sustainable construction sector in creating and developing their businesses at regional, national and international levels. He is also responsible for the Ecobuild Cluster who's aggregate enterprises from the sustainable sector in Brussels.



Innovative supply chain collaboration

Introducing Q13. "How to achieve cross-company and intersectoral clustering for thermal renovation?"

Susanne Supper - OEGUT (A)

Susanne Supper studied environmental engineering at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna. She specialized in the topic of resource-oriented construction and is a certified energy consultant. At OEGUT, she is working as a scientific project manager in the fields of energy and building & innovation since 2007. The focus of her research work is on sustainable buildings (in particular energy efficiency and integration of renewable energy technologies). Furthermore, Susanne Supper is active in the Austrian Sustainable Building Council, dedicated to enhance quality standards of the Austrian building industry, in compliance with sustainable building.