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The Future of Building 2016

Here our fact sheet for the Future of Building event 2016. This will give you a great impression of the event.


Future of Building was covered by the Italien Nationaltelevision Channel Rai3.

Click here to watch the video. (Skip to 26 minutes)


A short report of the Future of Building from the WKO.at website.

Here you can find a brief summary (in german) of the event.


Press release about the Future of Building event brought to you by the organisers!

A short teaser text (in german) covering the facts & traits of the event, which the participants can look forward too.

Download link can be found here!


A summary of the Future of Building event from the Architektur & Bau Forum.

The Architektur & Bau Forum wrote a short summary (in german) of the Future of Building event, highlighting key facts and figures of the event.

The text and be found here!


 A great article on the Future of Building event from the Ypodomes a Greek transportation company.

The article was translated by our great colleagues in the ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Office in Athens. The translated article can be found here.


Innovative Gebäude wrote a very informative article providing insight on the Future of Building Event. 

Innovative Gebäude composed an informative piece of writing on the Future of Building Event. It covers all aspects and futhermore, it provides
people who plan on visiting the event with great detail on the topics and format of the event. The article can be found here.


IG LEBENSZYKLUS BAU wrote an article on their website leading up to the Future of Building Event.

The article covers the most important aspects leading up to the event, which you can read (in german) here.


The Enterprise Europe Network produced a short article in the lead up to the event.

Written in a short and sharp manner, the article covers all important elements of the event. Read more here.

Another insightful article written by the Enterprise European Network located in Bulgaria which you can read here.

Here an informative article by CzechTrade covering the most important information.

ITG Innovationsservice für Salzburg wrote an short and informative event discussing about the details of the event (in German).

The article can be found here.


Here you can find an useful article from the website wohnet.at on the event convering all the information you have to know (in German).


Construion21 presented a informative article in French, which summarises all the necessary facts here.









closed since 14 May 2017
Registration 14 Sep – 14 May
Meeting Selection 26 Apr – 18 May
Event 17 May – 18 May
Language English/German
Costs Free of charge | No show fee of 125 EUR (excl. VAT)
Venue Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKÖ)
Bilateral Meetings
Participants 275
Meetings 578
Australia 1
Austria 146
Bosnia-Herzegovina 9
Brazil 2
Bulgaria 13
Chile 1
China 3
Colombia 4
Croatia 19
Cyprus 2
Czech Republic 22
Denmark 2
Egypt 9
Finland 1
Germany 10
Greece 14
Hungary 4
India 2
Iran 3
Italy 6
Japan 2
Kazakhstan 1
Latvia 5
Malaysia 1
Mexico 8
Morocco 3
New Zealand 1
Philippines 1
Poland 2
Romania 11
Russia 4
Serbia 7
Slovak Republic 8
Slovenia 11
Spain 5
Sweden 7
Thailand 1
Turkey 1
Ukraine 10
United Arab Emirates 1
United Kingdom 10
Venezuela 1
Total 374
Profile Views
Before Event14696
After Event 7141