Creative Connections 2016 : A Bridging Borders event


Developing a business is often more difficult than starting one. However, by using the technical or commercial knowledge and expertise of others, your idea or product could be enhanced or improved, allowing it to get to market much sooner. This is what the Enterprise Europe Network helps with. From 2008 – 2014 the network helped 2.8 million SMEs throughout Europe to innovate and grow internationally

Although this event is centred around the Creative Industries sector it is open to all business types. Every business that registers for this event will have the opportunity to promote itself. You can highlight your experience and/or expertise in your chosen business field. Perhaps someone will be attracted to that offer and wish to work with you. This event will offer you opportunities to collaborate, innovate and prosper. The Creative Industries sector covers a wide spectrum from digital software, through film and television to arts and crafts. However businesses from all sectors are welcome to register and attend. 


Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) brokerage events

An EEN brokerage event is an ideal opportunity to meet with many international partners to discuss collaborative research, technology transfer and/or commercial opportunities in pre-arranged 20 minute meetings at one location. In advance of the event, all you need to do is register, present your business and its offering, and select any potential partners of interest you would like to meet with. For further details go to “How it Works”.

Main presentation topics

  • European Funding Opportunities (under Horizon 2020)
  • Collaborating with international suppliers and customers to create new musical content/products - presented by Small Town America, NI 
  • Creating humane digital characters for movies, television and gaming - presented by InLifeSize, NI 
  • Creative Europe Desk UK - Northern Ireland explains Creative Europe funding for cultural, creative and heritage projects
  • From online gaming to mainstream education - presented by MinecraftEdu / Teacher Gaming, Finland
  • How the NI music sector collaborates internationally - presented by Generator NI

Why you should attend and participate

  • Opportunity to promote your business
  • Find out about market trends and innovations
  • Find out about EU funding opportunities
  • Find new commercial and/or technology partners
  • Expand your sales reach to new territories
  • Learn from experienced practitioners


Event schedule

 Date Sessions
 9am - 1pm Guest speakers and presentations
 1pm - 2pm Networking lunch
2pm - 5pm Business to business meetings   


How it works

  1. Register your company's interest.
  2. State the type of collaboration you'd like to find.
  3. Browse the registration list of companies attending and their desires for collaboration.
  4. Schedule meetings with those companies you are interested in speaking with.
  5. Shortly before the event you will receive your meetings schedule.


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